Monday, 31 December 2012

Favourite Outfits of 2012

Hi everyone !

This is a post showing my favourite outfits I wore this year.
So many fashion bloggers have been posting these today so I figured I'd give it a go, Even if it was a little too late to do so - Explanation for the dodgy editing.
The first and second outfits are my above favourites out of all them - I couldn't choose between them both !
I was trying to explain them story behind them all, but I only got to the second one, I'll give it a quick go though.

Linked below, I also loved the first outfit here but I forgot to add it in this outfit !

First one was worn a summer morning when I did my summer make-up outside. I wanted cover my arms from the sun's harmful rays so I put a shawl back-to-front over my gorgeous maxi dress. It's an Avenue Maria type outfit I think and it kept me cooled.
The second one I adore, I've worn it more times than this. I loved the look of the pink crop top over the blue jersey dress. The colours look so good together.
My third outfit I wore on a cold Saturday in November. It was so cosy and kept me really warm and I loved it so much. The candy like colours matched my purple beanie hat !
The fourth outfit I wore during mid-term as part of a Halloween lookbook / outfits of the week. I loved the hippie-ish look of the denim jacket with the maxi dress, but obviously with a jumper for it was October !
The fifth outfit was worn on a Sunday during either late August or early September, I cannot remember, but if you read the post the outfit, I love the way the jumper sits over the dress and the collar sits out. The pink dress also matches my red beanie hat.
The sixth outfit is the outfit I wore on Christmas day. I fell in love with the navy coloured lace dress when I saw it, It's so elegant. I was originally going to wear my hair in two front french plaits, but then I only wore one, because I didn't have much time.
The seventh outfit is last but not least the outfit I wore into school on the non uniform day the last day before mid-term break. Of course me and my friend had to be among the very few who wore a dress and were subjected to odd looks from many people .... Who obviously loved being the same as everyone else in their skinny jeans ! I love this outfit, because the colours look slightly preppy !

Also, I don't have the patience to find links to all of these, but I will just for you's.
OUTFIT #5 ~ 
^^^ Whoop ! I found this finally ! xx ^^^

They're my favourite outfits that I wore during 2012.
I hope you's have a great New Year's Day and New Year's Eve and of course an even better 2013 !
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to do any Outfits of the Week or much interesting blogposts and all, but I'll try to blog more for the remainder of the holidays.

Grace x


Sunday, 30 December 2012

❄ ❄ What I Got For Christmas 2012 ❄ ❄

*** Damn I forgot to say thank you so much for 100 followers <3 I'm so delighted best way to end 2012 xx ***

(Pout fail.)

Hi everyone !
So like I said Wednesday, I have the flu at the moment, but I'm slowly getting better and finally got around to doing a "what I got for Christmas post".

Obviously I have to do a quick disclaimer that I am not one to brag because it does annoy me when people brag on Facebook and all around times like this, but it's fun to watch and read these types of videos and blogposts and I also got asked by a few people to do this so just to say I'm not trying to brag and also that I'm really thankful for the presents I received from my friends and family so if any of them are reading this thank you :D ! And also obviously Christmas isn't all about presents. Facebook meme time : "It's about the dinner !!! jk jk. No it isn't."

So yea I have had the flu since Tuesday and the following points are not meant to offend anybody and I'm obviously only joking. But the duck pout is real.

  • I had aches everywhere and my lips went all dry, My bottom lip looking like I had liposuction - Not cool.
  • But it did make my duck pouting look duck pout-ier
  • But as we exit 2012, We enter a new 2013 phenomenon which is the new duck pout where you hold your breath and look like some kind of blowout fish.
  • If you haven't seen this duck pout check out your friends' Facebook albums. Their Christmas 2012 one. Even their Granny and baby sister tried it.
  • As you can see I'm very behind on duck pouting.
Anyway, Here's what I got for Christmas this year.

Me and some of my friends did Secret Santa this year and my friend got me make-up and a little bracelet which is so nice of her ! My favourite is the purple liquid eyeliner !

My Nanny got me a radio for Christmas and it looks a bit vintage. It's been keeping me company the last few days except it's Christmas time so there's different radio DJ's on.

My new phone cover - It is so pretty ! My phone fell a few months ago and then I had to get the screen fixed so I'm really glad I received this !

My Uncle got me these nail polishes (He also got me the phone cover !) and one of them is a black crackle top coat !!!  Also I've been looking for blue nail polish for a while and I ran out of purple a month or two ago so I finally have not two blues and a purple nail polish ! Three yays !

Rookie Yearbook One, Rebecca's Rules, Come Fly With Me, Teen Vogue Handbook.
I received these from my parents and I did get a bit over excited when I saw the Rookie Yearbook and we also watched a bit of Come Fly With Me on Christmas Day too - One of my favourite comedies ever !!!

Chocolate Orange, Milky Way, Galaxy until I ate it, Gold coin, Essence Colour & Go, Blue glittery frame.
This is what Santa brought me. Santa knows I love Chocolate Orange especially the one with orange shaped pieces ! And he also knows I loved that blue frame when I first saw it ! I love the gold nail polish it is so beautiful and I've been wearing it since Christmas Day !

My parents also got me an electric shaver which will make my life handier in the future ... Because I'm hopeless at things like that.

My brother got me this trinket like little box which is all pink and sparkly ! I'm going to hold some of my jewellery in this box.
Inside my brother had put in the green eyeshadow I've been looking for in it !

I got all this nail stuff from my Aunt. They are so cool and there's a gold crackle topcoat and a glitter topcoat I've been looking for for ages too ! I can't wait to experiment with the nail art decoration !

Yum yum ! My Aunt and Uncle got me a selection box and so did my neighbours !

My Nanny got me chocolate and put it all in this Reindeer bag ! I can't wait to eat the chocolate santa 
and also the orange bar.

My photo's are all jumbled up so here's the rest of the stuff I received from my parents 

Isn't she adorable ? I saw this rabbit thing back in November in a garden centre, I think you're suppose to put it in your garden, but my parents got me this and I'll probably leave it in my room.

This is so cool ! My parents got me a 'cosmetic case' that I can fit all my make-up into it. This is so handy, I'm so glad they gave me this, because my make-up storage at the moment is a teeny make-up bag besides the tub where I store my every day make-up in so this is really handy !

They also gave me a pink torch which thank God comes with batteries ! At first I said to them "It says it will need batteries but it's suppose to come with batteries." *Blonde-even-though-you're-only-partially-blonde Moment*.

And they also gave me a green fluffy cushion cover ! It looks dead cosy !

So that's what I got for Christmas.
Once again, Thank you so much to my family :).
I hope you's all had a brilliant Christmas !
Also Happy New Year !

Grace x

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day Outfit

Hi everyone !

I hope you's had a great Christmas !
I've been asked multiple times to do a "What I got for Christmas" post, but I haven't got around to this, because I've had the flu since Monday evening and literally thirty minutes after I took the photos of my outfit I got back into pyjamas and went back to bed and I've been in bed all day so far today - We didn't even have a proper Christmas dinner because my brother has the flu too.

Wearing : Navy blue lace dress from Penneys
Ivory cardigan from Savida, Dunnes Stores
Feather flower hairband also from Dunnes Stores
Tights from F&F, Tesco
My school shoes

Make-up : Essence lipstick in 44 Almost Famous
Essence Cherry Blossom limited edition 2 in 1 eyeliner pen in 01 Big In Japan (I used the thick side.)
Essence kajal pencil in 01 Black
Next Gorgeous Girl palette's pink eyeshadow.
Essence Colour & Go nail polish in 121 Gold Fever ("Santy" was sound enough to leave this out for me !)

What I got for Christmas post tomorrow or Friday !

Grace x

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hey everyone, I'm still blogging on my Santa Tracking post, but right now I'm not tracking and I'm mainly talking about my day :).

Santa Tracking 2012 (Feat. Lucy !)

Also I’m wishing Lucy, Gaby, Jane, Niamh, Meghan, Olivia, Maeve, Shannon and all my readers a very very happy Christmas ! xx

Grace is

Good morning everyone ! I'm up and ready and the website is telling me it's five minutes to go ! God I am so excited ! Remember we're using - and you can also track with Google Maps if you have the Patience for your laptop or computer crashing !

Two minutes ! Lucy will be on later but both of us won't be on the whole day. I'll be posting every so often on our collab blog too, but mainly on my own blog.

North Pole - Santa's House - Santa wakes from a restful sleep

Omigod this year they don't show the animated Santa's village ! Guys, That is the reason I wake up this early and now they're not showing the animated village nooo ! Not impressed Norad Santa !!!

North Pole - Santa's House - Mrs Claus prepares a hearty meal

North Pole - Under mistletoe - Santa kisses Mrs. Claus

North Pole - Post office - Santa checks for last-minute letters

North Pole - Santa's Office - Toy production status brief

All the complaints about the Santa Tracker only updating statuses not an actual animation on Facebook -

North Pole - Toy factory - Elf briefing

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa checks the time

North Pole - Santa's Village - Santa chats with Frosty the Snowman (I sang that bit !)

North Pole - Clock Tower - Time check

North Pole - Santa's Village - Santa strolls to the reindeer barn

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Reindeer roll call

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Reindeer enjoy Yuletide Powder Meal

So Norad Tracks Santa and Google Maps went their separate ways ? That's crap I loved using Google Maps with it. Grr.

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Santa adds a log to the warm fireplace

North Pole - Reindeer Barn - Santa reviews flight plan with reindeer

North Pole - Elf House - Elves add finishing touches to gifts for delivery

North Pole - Elf House - Elves cheer as last gift is wrapped

North Pole - Gift Warehouse - All gifts are brought to sleigh-loading dock

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa checks the time

North Pole - Dressing Room - Mrs. Claus helps Santa with coat and gloves

North Pole - Village Square - Santa gives Yuletide speech to elves

North Pole - Reindeer Area - Rudolph checks his nose flashes OK

North Pole - Sleigh-loading Dock - Elves load Santa's sleigh

North Pole - Sleigh-loading Dock - Elves weigh Santa's sleigh

Whoop ! Lucy's awake ! She's angry too about Santa Tracking changes - It's a bit of a rip off.

North Pole - Reindeer Harnessing - Reindeer are safely harnessed to the sleigh

North Pole - Runway - Sleigh is positioned on runway

North Pole - Runway - Santa boards his sleigh

North Pole - Runway - Elves perform final safety check

North Pole - Clock Tower - Santa notices the time is near

North Pole - Runway - Reindeer Roll Call

North Pole - Runway - Mrs. Claus gives Santa a kiss

North Pole - Runway - Santa takes off from runway; Village waves good-bye

North Pole - Santa observes polar bears on the ground below

Hey everyone so I'm leaving in a half an hour for a while just a little while I will be back and Lucy will be covering for me on her blog she's also going to be posting games and all to occupy everyone while we're waiting for Santa's next move ! I'm still here, but I'll tell you's when I'm leaving. Also, I'm covering for Lucy from 1pm - 2pm this afternoon !

Lucy sent me the PNP Santa video thing :P !!! Thank you Lucy !!!


Lucy's PNP video  sent me ! She knows me well !

*Me & Lucy talking about the mouse picture in the PNP video she chose*

Lucy : And the rats ? OMG da abs :P !
Me : they're a disgusting grey furry version of Taylor Lautner !

I'm going now, but I'll be back in a half an hour or so I promise !
Check out  for Lucy's awesome games and tracking !
Grace x


Hey everyone ! I'm back !!! Thanks a million Lucy for covering for me while I was in town getting soaked in the rain, Lucy's going to take a break so I'm going to cover for her. If you're here from her blog HELLO ! I'm about to steal her updates ;)

North pole- santa sees some ships, is it the U.S navy?

Santa is heading for
Novoye Chaplino, Russiain 2mins!

Santa is heading for
Bilibino, Russia

Santa is heading for
Yelizovo, Russia

Santa is heading for
Tarawa, Kiribati

Santa is heading for
Funafuti, Tuvalu

Santa is heading for
Tongatapu, Tonga

Santa is heading for
Auckland, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Gisborne, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Wellington, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Christchurch, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
Chatham Island, New Zealand

Santa is heading for
McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Santa is heading for
Nouméa, New Caledonia

Santa is heading for
Suva, Fiji


Thanks Lucy for letting me use your updates !
And for covering !

Santa is in Vanuata

Santa is in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Auki, Solomon Islands

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Kurilsk, Kuril Islands

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatska Krai, Russia

Magadan, Russia

Nevelsk, Sakhalin Island

Arsenyev, Russia

Trudovoye, Russia

Yakutsk, Russia

Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia

Sending Lucy a PNP message !

Sapporo, Japan

Iwo Jima, Japan

Old Man By the Sea, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Yigo, Guam

Babeldaob, Palau

Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

What's your Elf Name ? Found on Facebook.
Mine's Merry Plum-Pants !
Comment with yours !

Daru, Papua New Guinea

Cairns, Australia

Rockhampton, Australia

Marysborough, Australia

Guys, Omigod my electricity went I'm so sorry, but so glad it's back ! It's awful how much we take it for granted hahh ! Worse still it's back like a half an hour and I've only found out now ! *Facepalm Grace* *Facepalm* Updates coming !

Lucy's having a well earned break ! Thanks so much Lucy for covering for me while I couldn't blog ! xx :)

Qingdao, China

Wuhan, China

Game soon ? Comment with your preferences !

Shanghai, China

Great Wall, China

Ok we're going to play a game or something when Lucy comes back ! Comment here or on the collab blog telling us what you want to play !

Beijing, China

Xi'an, China

Chongquing, China

Chengdu, China

Kunming, China

Guangzhou, China

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Quezon, Philippines


Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes on the radio !!! It's always on on Christmas Eve and it's my favourite Christmas song ever !!!

Manila, Philippines

Bandar Seri, Begawan, Brunei

Bintulu, Malaysia

Lucy's just texted ! She says she'll be back before 4pm just in-time for our last hour recording the trackings !

Sampit, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia

Santa's heading back to Australia !

Broome, Australia

It's just hit me. It's 1am in Australia. It's Christmas in Australia. I can just imagine all my favourite Australia YouTubers celebrating Christmas !

Newman, Australia

Geraldton, Australia

Perth, Australia

The Settlement, Christmas Island

Are any of you's travelling to visit relatives or driving home this evening ?
Stay safe if you're travelling !!!

Jakarta, Indonesia

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Johor Bahru,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia

Hat Yai, Thailand

Hey everyone, Lucy won't be back for Santa Tracking this evening so we've decided to finish up posting !
I may be back online later, I don't know, but if I'm not I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and that it's all you've hoped for ! xx

Hey everyone, Will I record tracking later ? 

We gave Mam an early Christmas present : OVEN GLOVES :D !!!
What's everyone getting for Christmas, Santa n'all ?
Hey ! Blogging because I'm uploading a Christmas letter, etc. to Lucy's Facebook and it's taking a while. Most of my favourite BBC 1 programmes are on tonight - Eastenders, Outnumbered and of course Mrs. Brown's Boys. I cannot wait to watch them all, They're not to be missed !

I've left a few Christmas mentions at the top of this post while waiting for Lucy's letter to upload. Happy Christmas to you all !

Santa is in Palermo, Italy

Cackling laughing at Mrs. Brown's Boys ! So funny !

Santa is in Naples, Italy

Santa is in Rome, Italy

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Belgrade, Serbia

Budapest, Hungary

Prague, Czech Republic

Krakow, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Gdansk, Poland

Berlin, Germany

Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Hairstyles

Hi everyone !

Today I'm doing two Christmas hairstyle tutorials !
The first one was suppose to be a high plait, but it messed up and turned into a plaited bun thing.
I did the tutorial a few weeks ago and then today I've spent ages editing the tutorials and adding the text to them so I hope they give some inspiration for Christmas hairstyles !



They're the two tutorials and I hope they some inspiration !
I'm your Santa Tracker from 7am to noon tomorrow morning hahh and then Lucy is taking over, Check out our collab blog, Links below.
If you are reading the updates tomorrow, You might want to refresh the page every few minutes !

See you's tomorrow morning,
Grace x


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Q&A 2012 !!!

Hey everyone !

Today I'm doing a Q&A style post.
I get alot of comments, Emails and when I had a Twitter, Tweets with questions so I decided I'd do a post answering these questions like an FAQ, but then I decided to make into a Q&A and I asked you's to comment with your questions and I did get a few !!!! and I'm going to add them to the questions I get alot and answer them in this post.
I'm not doing the usual "Q&A video" that would be done and also sorry if some of the photo's on here haven't been showing - Blogspot removed some of them due to "copyright owner" but sorry the photos they removed I took myself they're my photos nobody else could've taken photo's of Christmas decorations in my bedroom - - so I'm finding that really strange, Have any of you's had this problem ?
Anyways here's the questions and my answers !

1. When did you first start wearing make-up?
     I started wearing a bit of powder every so often when I was twelve, but when I was younger I used to wear this really bright turquoise eyeshadow - I'm sure my family found that humorous, but some of you's know I have co-ordination problems, etc. applying make-up can be a big no no so I'm glad my Mam let me *experiment* when I was younger because now I don't look like a panto act or something !

2. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Somewhere in America that has no dangerous snakes or black widow spiders !!! Yea that might take a while to find, Oh well. I'd love to live in New Zealand !!! I'd also love to live in a big city for a while and see what it would be like living in the middle of a city.

3. Do you like One Direction (FAQ.)
They're ok. Their music's ok. I'm not a Directioner though.

4. What's your dream job when you are older?
I'd love to do something in the Arts when I'm older - That's my dream job.

5. If you could have any make-up product what would it be?
I don't know actually ! If money wasn't an option I'd love a MAC product ! Preferably lipstick or powder !

6. What's you favourite colour? (hehe)
My favourite colour is purple for definite ! My favourite shade of purple is red-violet. I also love navy blue like indigo - It looks brilliant on clothes and all, My Christmas outfit is a navy blue lace dress I got in October !

7. how do you make people aware of your blog and get followers? (FAQ.) 
I don't really have a way of getting followers, but I think if you make an effort like if you really like someone's blog and they don't have many followers comment on their blog and tell them that you like it and leave your blog address at the bottom of your comment asking them to check it out if they have time don't necessarily be like "PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW MY BLOG I FOLLOW BACK !!!" always be polite like you would be to a person in real life and say please and thank you, Call me old fashioned but it's true you have to be polite. Also making a Facebook page or Twitter for your blog is a great idea because those who don't have a Google account to follow your account can see when you post.

8. What do you want for christmas?
For Christmas I'd love just some make-up the Rookie Mag Yearbook One and some DVDS ! 

9. Who is you fav blogger/youtuber?
Ok I watch a ton of YouTube channels and blogs every single day and I can't choose a favourite. To save myself from rambling on forever, I'm going to link the Blogroll list that took me forever to write and include all the links and I'm forever adding to it ! Read here and you'll thank me - ! But right now I'm addicted to Collab Down Under YouTube channel and Views Of Now blog. Yea I know, They're both Australian. But still they're amazing, I don't go a day without checking them out !

10. Any New Year's Resolutions?
The same one I make every year - Be more organised and less lazy. Seeing as I have to make the same resolution every year, You can see how well that works. It doesn't.

11. Favourite singer and band?
I have to think about this, I'm very bad at listening to music, I'm not very bothered to download songs. I love Little Mix, They're my favourite group, That or Mumford & Sons. And my favourite artist I can't remember. I'd say James Arthur, but to say that would be just too mainstream !

12. Would you ever think of making a YouTube or uploading videos to your blog (FAQ..)
I think as a seriously disorganised person, To have both a YouTube and blog would be a bad idea. It just wouldn't work, One of them would fail. But I love watching vlogs and maybe when I'm older I might try vlogging here on Dainty Sprinkles ! Vlogging = Video blogging if you didn't know !

So they're the questions !
Most of them are from Niamh (Floral Friendship.) hahh !!! 
Hope you enjoyed reading this post,

Grace x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa Tracking Plan with Lucy (xmaslsantaltrackr.)

Hey everyone !

Me and Lucy ( have been talking about Christmas Eve on Monday and we will be Santa tracking on Christmas Eve this year so here's some facts about this year's Santa Tracking !

  • We use as usual and all Santa updates are copied from there.
  • We've been Santa Tracking on our blogs since we were twelve !
  • We'll be starting at 7am and we've decided it's best for both of us to finish at 5pm because we obviously have family commitments - It's Christmas Eve !!!!
  • Myself and Lucy will be busy during the day and are taking turns.
  • I'm blogging during the morning and stopping at noon.
  • Lucy won't be blogging for alot of the morning and will be blogging during the afternoon starting at noon.
  • We will probably and hopefully blog together towards the end of the afternoon.
  • Lucy will have posts about it Santa tracking and all coming up to Christmas Eve, You can read about it here ~
  •  Lucy will also be doing Stardoll shoutouts during Santa Tracking, She has about this on her blog.
  • I'll be doing follow me around bits on Christmas Eve too.
  • When we are taking turns, We'll also be posting on our collab blog ~
So that's the plan - We still have to make a plan to make sure Lucy wakes up on Christmas Eve morning seeing as she always sleeps in by accident hahh !

If you've any questions or better still if you're tracking Santa be sure to tell us in our comment boxes !

Norad Santa ~

Grace x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Candy Cane Hunters

(you might want to click on some of the photo's of the accessories to see them in detail.)

Hi everyone !

Today I'm showing you the outfit I wore going Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.
Admittedly I completely forgot to put on my candy coloured bracelets on that would finish the outfit and I went around town carrying stuff, because I put my foldable shopping bag back in my drawer. Oops.
I got my purple one in a Claire's Accessories goody bag a few years ago and I'd really recommend one like it (they don't sell them anymore I don't think.) they fit into any size handbag - Even the smallest of handbags -  And they're just really handy and I was so mad when I realised forgotten it. Grr.


Striped dress, No idea where it's from
Leggings, Jumper and coat, All from Penneys
Doc boots, Dunnes Stores
Pink handbag, Given from relative
Mittens, Give from relative
Red hat, Penneys.

Wearing natural face make-up.
Essence kajal pencil in 01 Black
Essence Cherry Blossom Girl 2in1 eyeliner in 01 Big in Japan.

Christmas Hairstyles and Q&A (Comment with your questions.) next weekend !

Grace x