Saturday, 28 April 2012



From the 30th April until the 1st June I will be taking a break from the internet & blogging.
This is because from the 3rd - 5th May I'm taking part in a show in my local area.
After that, I will be studying for my Summer Exams which are at the end of May.
I will be back on the 1st June to blog once again !
Good luck to everyone with any end of year exams like me or state exams like the Junior Cert, Leaving Cert, GCSES, A Levels, etc. .


Friday, 27 April 2012

Peachy Glow Make-Up

Soo to incorporate with my full May's posts in like just one night, I've decided to post a make-up tutorial on getting a peach couloured look.

Apply  slightly tanned, but still very fair coloured foundation to your face.
If you are very pale skinned like me & have red undertones like me, Brush over a light brushing of bronzer over the foundation as you don't need the peach making your undertones even more prominent than they already are.
Using a peachy blusher (or failing that lightist pink you can find.) brush the blusher over your cheek area & on the edges of your face around your ears.

Smudge some peach eyeshadow onto your baby finger & apply the eyeshadow to your eyes.
Apply a slight bit of brown mascara & depending on how pale your skin is, Take a very risky risk by applying some coral pink eye-pencil !

Now for your lips, Apply the palest shade of peach lipstick you can find.
When I mean the palest, I mean the shade nearest to clear !
If you have dark skin, Apply some baby pink lipstick under this to get the peachiest shade of lips possible.

Remember ! The darker you skin the pinkier peach shade you can get away with !
Unforch for me, It means a more creamy colour :((

Hope these ideas inspire you for the month of May !

Grace x

Thursday, 26 April 2012


£22.00 River Island

£75.00 Topshop

£18.00 New Look

£40.00 Topshop

£36.00 Topshop

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Poppy Flower Make-Up

I was thinking of a make-up look that would apply to the months April & May, because I'll be studying for my summer exams during May & I won't be blogging.
I then remember the nuisance of those poppies that grew during late April & May last year & decided to do a poppy flower make-up tutorial.

Keep your foundation as pale & natural as possible & if you have very red cheeks that you're usually more inclined to cover don't cover them completely !

Using a cotton bud (The one you stick in your ear, but you're not suppose to !) , Apply some silver eyeshadow under-neath your eye.
Yes, You could use a silver metallic eye-pencil, but it won't have the same layered effect.
Apply silver eyeshadow to the crease / socket & brow-bone areas of the eye.
This is the large section above the actual eye.
For the poppy effect, Using a black liquid eyeliner pen, Dot some dots onto the area that you applied the silver-eyeshadow to.
Use the liquid eye-liner, To apply winged-eyeliner to the usual area you would apply liquid eye-liner to & leave a trail of dots at the end of the wing.

And then obviously for lips, Use a blue-toned (Doesn't make your teeth look yellow.) red lipstick.
Don't forget to use  lip-liner before applying the lipstick to make applying easier !

Haven't tried these out yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to tell you's all as soon as possible !
I can just imagine the look in my head !

Grace x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Q: My eyes look really tired lately, but the thing is I'm not tired at all ! 
     Is there anything I can do to make my eyes look wider and more awake like they used to ?

A: Yes, Definitely ! Wearing white eye-pencil makes your eyes look much more wider & bright - Especially in the mornings !

Grace x

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Essence Make-up Bag Haul.

Soo back in January, I got a mystery make-up bag containing Essence products of all the same colour in the post.
I still actually don't know who it's from & I haven't actually used the majority of products.
In-fact, The only product out of it I've used, Is the smoky eyes mascara which is the mascara I wear right now - It's extremely thick if you wanted to know.

XXXL Shine - Not sticky or smells badly of cheap lipgloss I have the pink & bronze of this - Shade 16 Wanted !

Shade 03 Berlin Rocks - Waterproof

Shade 47 Earl Grey

02 White Divine - Brighter eyes

Lasts up to 5 days 

Multi action smokey eyes mascara Shade 01

Monday, 16 April 2012

High-Street Lookalikes : Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's style is soo casual & pretty, but where on Earth would we get her exact buys ?
That's when you hit the High-Street Lookalikes !

Soo chic & classy.
Buy the high-street blazer (pictured back facing.) in Topshop for £40 & the dress for  £24 in New Look.

Once again, Swifty strikes again !
The dress she wears is the type of dress you could wear during the day or night.
I love H! by Henry Holland's black daisy chain dress which looks pretty simular.
It's available in Debenhems for 34 EURO.


Taylor is known for her red lipstick, Winged black liquid eyeliner & flawless foundation.
Before applying lipstick, Line the outside of your lips with a lipliner that either matches or is near in shade to the shade of the lipstick.
If you want your foundation to be flawless, Apply with a damp clean brush to your face.
Always make sure your hand is completely straight line when applying eyeliner to your eyes. 

Grace x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

When roaming around the Internet, I found these amazing Spring buys from Topshop.
They are out of my budget soo obvious I can't buy them, but Topshop can be very expensive for high-street sometimes.

Still, Some of these buys are reasonably cheap like the floral mesh dress.
But they are soo fresh & spring like, I am expecting the baby lambs & daffodils to pop out while I'm having a nose at them !

 Floral Mesh Back Flippy Dress £36.00 Topshop
 JASPER @ Topshop Slipback Brogues £65.00

 MOTO @Topshop Dip Dyed Hotpants £35

 Neon Lace Flippy Dress £46.00 Topshop

Topshop MOTO Metallic Jeans £45.00

A Day In The Life of Plum & Truffle.

Don't say I'm blogging about my bunnies too much !
These pictures are just adorable !

Grace x

Plum & Truffle Siblings ?

Ok, Soo we think Plum & Truffle could be sisters.
They both have the same gorgeous chocolate brown adorable wide eyes.
They're also both really photogenic.
See the photoes - Do you agree with me ?

What gorgeous eyes !

And once again ? Very alike or what ?

Trademark guinea pig like pose.

Trademark standing up pose.

Grace x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Week In Pictures.

Soo this week, I went into town with my friends & saw these really cute teddies like the ones from In The Night Gardens & then we got Dr. Pepper's & they were lovely like cherry  
coke, but they were very filling soo I didn't get to finish my can.

Then on Wednesday I was in Dublin to get my photo taken.
I had this lovely macaroon to eat in a coffee shop.
It was coloured a light purple & it was just soo yummy.

Then of course Midnight was at the vet.
And we returned her to the mini farm today.