Sunday, 8 April 2012

Branded Clothes - Yayy or Neyy

Before I went to secondary school, I was in an all girls school & none of us had ever been hyped that much about wearing branded clothes.
Sure, Alot of my friends had a pair of pretty Converse or might've worn Nike runners for P.E, but it never really mattered to be honest.

But when I started secondary school, It wasn't long before I discovered that most of my classmates lived in Converse & Nike runners & their Addidas hoodies & Canturbary (Am I even spelling that right ?) tracksuit bottoms.

I haven't got an Addidas hoodie yet & I am still debating on whether to spend 40 quid on a branded hoodie - Some are even 59.99 reduced down to 50 !
It is a bit awkward went it comes to P.E & I'm like one of the only ones who isn't in branded tracksuits, but to be honest I couldn't care less.

I know people now who get Addidas for their birthdays, Christmas & I know some people who have two & three Addidas hoodies !
Actually, There's a friend of mine, He has alot of Converse ! 

Leave your branded hoodies at home for non-uniform days & P.E !!!!

 Grace x

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