Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Sunday / Spring Make-Up (Not including photoes.) And Animal Testing Views.

Tomorrow's Easter Sunday & it is perfect opportunity to wear cute pastel spring colours on your pretty face !

Keep your foundation, etc. pretty natural with a hint of pale pink blusher.
To give a real spring look, Use a foundation one tone paler than the tone that matches your actual skin tone.
If you're like me & wear the 01 absolute lowest tone, Then your best bet is the pale pink blusher.
I usually would say to apply a bit of lipgloss or lippie for blusher, but in this case you should definitely use a powder blush.
Failing that you could use the brilliant cream blush which is good for use in most cases, but won't give the same effect as powder for a brisk fresh spring look.

Eyes ..... Oh deary me, Eyes & eyeshadow.
I cannot stress enough this don't wear yellow eyeshadow unless you have dark skin.
Yellow eyeshadow does not look good on pale white skin, It makes your skin look sick.
You might just about get away with mad yellow eyeshadow, but this is pastel spring looks we're talking about !
Pastel pinks & lilacs will look gorgeous & pretty on pale skin.
But pastel pinks can be a problem.
Some kinds of pastel pinks can be very rosy which might appear very bright rather than pale on dark skin & depending on your undertones, Pink like yellow can make your skin appear sore or sick.
Pastel greens, Lilacs & pastel pinks are great from eyeshadow.
If you are wearing eyepencil, Use a light blue eyepencil as it appears pastel & looks beautiful - The must have product for a spring look.
A not too thick, but not too thin line of winged liquid eyeliner will really finish the look.
The only mascara I'd recommend using would be a very thin brush that gives you a bit of a longer lash, but not thick & heavy.

For your lips, Use a pastely purple pink lipstick. 
I say the best brand to buy this colour of lipstick from would be M.A.C .
Only thing I'd have against M.A.C is that recently they changed their animal testing policy saying that they only tested on animals when "needed by law".
Which in my opinion, Please excuse my French, Is complete bullshit.
And you know how I feel about animal testing - It's just wrong.
And I refuse to buy Rimmel, because as far as I know, All their products have been tested on animals.
There is no real reason or excuse for testing on animals - With our level our level of knowledge these days in the lab, Scientists should be able to find different ways to test products & I am sure if you looked it up, They already have.

I hope these suggestions help.
This is the make-up I'll be wearing tomorrow & I just thought I'd share it with you's.
If you want to email me about your views on animal testing or if you want me to do a tutorial on a style of make-up for an occasion you're going to.
Email me at - I'll always reply, because I don't get alot of emails soo I'll defenitly reply !

Grace x
This is the colour I suggest for the lipstick.


Like Estelle wears it, There's a general rule.
The darker your skin, The bolder the shade.

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