Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Essence Make-up Bag Haul.

Soo back in January, I got a mystery make-up bag containing Essence products of all the same colour in the post.
I still actually don't know who it's from & I haven't actually used the majority of products.
In-fact, The only product out of it I've used, Is the smoky eyes mascara which is the mascara I wear right now - It's extremely thick if you wanted to know.

XXXL Shine - Not sticky or smells badly of cheap lipgloss I have the pink & bronze of this - Shade 16 Wanted !

Shade 03 Berlin Rocks - Waterproof

Shade 47 Earl Grey

02 White Divine - Brighter eyes

Lasts up to 5 days 

Multi action smokey eyes mascara Shade 01

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