Monday, 2 April 2012


Sure, We might hate that awful double P.E class once a week, but when it comes to having a balanced healthy lifestyle & a balanced nervous system we need to be exercising for atleast 30 minutes each day.
Take this extract for example.

"A good friend once told me that  you need to be fit..... of course i believe its whats inside that counts but then again  you need to be at least a bit healthy! 
I've just finished a survey from the streets asking teens and adults what they think it takes to be heathly and fit, so hears the result:

54% think they need to exercise more
32% think they need to at less / more healthier
14% think they need to exercise and eat healthier 

so as you see most woman think they need to do more exercise but you really need to eat healthier as well
as exercising more.

heres some tips for staying healthy:
  • try jogging everyday after/before school , you'll be surprised how much just 10mins of jogging can do!
  • have a calendar to keep track , if you keep trace of how much you are eating and also how much exercise your doing, it'll be easier to make sure your not over doing yourself but still pushing you limits!
  • tape the food pyramid to your fridge! , i know it might seem weird but it can help!! keep track of what your eating as well as the calendar! "
- Lucy, GirlyHelp4U

True words from Lucy !
I good way of exercise is to walk home from school or walk to the shops.
But unfortountly, Not everyone are able to do that.
I don't live near town soo I find different methods of exercise.

The latest you should exercise during the day is four hours before you go to bed.
Make sure you have the right equipment if needed & you're wearing the correct clothes.
Don't eat straight before exercise as you'll get a stitch, but be sure to keep a bottle of water nearby during exercise & don't exercise too much as you might feel well after exercising.

As I said, It's a great to walk to the shops, etc. .
Sport is very good exercise too.
If you have the space in your room & the music, You can dance to exercise in the comfort of your own home too !

Thanks to new technology, We can exercise in our pjamas in the living room whenever we want on the Wii, The XBox, Y'know.
I got Just Dance 3 from my Aunt for my birthday this day last week.
I use the Just Sweat system on it & exercise to amazing songs for about 35 minutes every day.
It really hurt & challenged my muscles at first, but now it's easier for me !

My advice is to exercise if you can every day, And throw in an electronic dance game & a friend to make it even more funner !

Grace x

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