Monday, 9 April 2012

MUA (Make-Up Academy.) Intense Glitter Eyeliner Pencil Review

 MUA (Make-up Academy.) Intense Glitter Eyeliner Pencil.
€1.35 from Superdrug.

Hi everyone,

Last week I was up in Dublin & decided to buy an eyepencil.
I went into Superdrug & surprisingly enough, At the back of the store they had a small cardboard stand of "Make-up Academy" make-up.
The make-up was seriously cheap - I mean like where else do you find a lipstick for less than 2 EUROs ? Not even Essence have lippies that cheap !

FIRST LOOK : It's extremely cheap, The actual pencil looks pretty wide & blunt.
It dosen't look as sharp as the ones I've seen before.

PRO'S WHEN I APPLY: Wow ! This is glittery, but only a few sparkles & not "over-sparkled".
The first eye I did, I had to use baby wipes, because it's not your typical eyepencil. It is an eye-liner & on my second eye & make sure to apply it very carefully & thin.
The good side to this is that I can use it as an eyeliner on top !
Also the lid is a sharpener to sharpen your pencil - It's a brilliant idea, It's soo clever !

CON'S WHEN I APPLY: Like I said before it is what it says on the package, Which is an eyeliner, And you need to put it on very lightly if you're putting it on under your eyes.
Also, When I applied it ontop, I had to fill in gaps which I could've filled in with my liquid eyeliner if I could've found it, but then when I'd done that, I had to remove some for a straight line.
When using this product - Bring baby wipes !

ALL ON THOUGHT: It looks amazing once you apply it with percision & the sharpener-on-lid idea is just brilliant !

RATING : 3 and a half stars
WHY : MUA's eyeliner pencil loses points for me, because it could be very heavy sometimes when applied, but gained points because of their cleverness in the sharpener idea & also gains a star, because I had no mascara on & it made my lashes look the lengh they are !

Grace x

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