Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Perfect Hair !

My hair is :   Prominently frizzy, Flat, Wavy, Slightly curly, Ash blonde, Dark blonde.
I love it because : It's pretty when it goes curly.
I hate it because : It looks awful, because I've got this awful chunk of side fringe thingy & when I straighten it I look like I'm in post-retirement stages which I must never reach when 50 years away come.
I'd like it to be : Fiery orange ! Heavy side fringe, Plum highlights & curls !

Yea, I hate my hair. A bit.
I want to be an artificial red-head, but I'm not allowed to dye my hair.
I'd love it to be plum to, but anyway.
And the hairdresser put this awful 5 millimetre chunk of a "side fringe" in it.

I have a really cool lime green Babyliss mini straightener !
I few weeks ago, I bought two hairsprays in a pound shop.
They were cheaper than chips for 1 Euro soo now I dye my hair orange with it sometimes.

Grace x

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