Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New ! S/OOTD

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd do an "outfit of the day" or what I like to call "Style / Outfit of the day".

Today I wore my bandT-glam look.
It's basically like a tomboy sort of look or if you were to wear a band tee, but very glam !
I have another striped top & grey leggings which is also a bandT-glam look, but it dosen't look as glam or band tee-ish to be honest, It's just the colours.

I'd wear this with my red leapord doc-boots from Dunnes alot, because the sleeves has white & red striped under-sleeves & it suits the colour of my boots.
There's lovely pictures in the middle of the top & it's very high-necked like a hoodie & the bottom of the top is elasticated.
This is one of my favourite looks that just never fails.

Grace x

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