Friday, 27 April 2012

Peachy Glow Make-Up

Soo to incorporate with my full May's posts in like just one night, I've decided to post a make-up tutorial on getting a peach couloured look.

Apply  slightly tanned, but still very fair coloured foundation to your face.
If you are very pale skinned like me & have red undertones like me, Brush over a light brushing of bronzer over the foundation as you don't need the peach making your undertones even more prominent than they already are.
Using a peachy blusher (or failing that lightist pink you can find.) brush the blusher over your cheek area & on the edges of your face around your ears.

Smudge some peach eyeshadow onto your baby finger & apply the eyeshadow to your eyes.
Apply a slight bit of brown mascara & depending on how pale your skin is, Take a very risky risk by applying some coral pink eye-pencil !

Now for your lips, Apply the palest shade of peach lipstick you can find.
When I mean the palest, I mean the shade nearest to clear !
If you have dark skin, Apply some baby pink lipstick under this to get the peachiest shade of lips possible.

Remember ! The darker you skin the pinkier peach shade you can get away with !
Unforch for me, It means a more creamy colour :((

Hope these ideas inspire you for the month of May !

Grace x

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