Saturday, 21 April 2012

Poppy Flower Make-Up

I was thinking of a make-up look that would apply to the months April & May, because I'll be studying for my summer exams during May & I won't be blogging.
I then remember the nuisance of those poppies that grew during late April & May last year & decided to do a poppy flower make-up tutorial.

Keep your foundation as pale & natural as possible & if you have very red cheeks that you're usually more inclined to cover don't cover them completely !

Using a cotton bud (The one you stick in your ear, but you're not suppose to !) , Apply some silver eyeshadow under-neath your eye.
Yes, You could use a silver metallic eye-pencil, but it won't have the same layered effect.
Apply silver eyeshadow to the crease / socket & brow-bone areas of the eye.
This is the large section above the actual eye.
For the poppy effect, Using a black liquid eyeliner pen, Dot some dots onto the area that you applied the silver-eyeshadow to.
Use the liquid eye-liner, To apply winged-eyeliner to the usual area you would apply liquid eye-liner to & leave a trail of dots at the end of the wing.

And then obviously for lips, Use a blue-toned (Doesn't make your teeth look yellow.) red lipstick.
Don't forget to use  lip-liner before applying the lipstick to make applying easier !

Haven't tried these out yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to tell you's all as soon as possible !
I can just imagine the look in my head !

Grace x

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