Friday, 13 April 2012

Spring 2012

Little bit too late for Spring 2012's trends ?
Late no more !
I've discovered all the trends !

£20.00 River Island
Coral & punched inprints were on-trend  this season.

£25.00 River Island
White dress ? Floral pattern ? Black pleats ?
Now that's totes S/S 2012 !

coral velvet trousers, Maxi dresses, Shorts & stripes were seen regularly during the S/S catwalks.

River Island £25.00
Thought that leopard print was starting to become a bit dated  ?
Tell that to the fashion designers who made legendary patterns big once again during  S/S  '12 !

River Island Young Girls £8.00
80's slogans re-vamped + black & white = S/S '12 ! 

River Island £12.00
Sleeveless shirts coloured off-reds & teal  greens with pearly buttons are definitely in for 2012 !

River Island £16.00
Red polka dotty patterns are back in for  Spring 2012 !

River Island £20.00
Pastel pink ? Check. Vintage floral design ? Check.
S/S 2012 - Check !

River Island £20.00 (Back facing.)
Pastel coloured sleeveless shirts also  graced the  S/S  '12 catwalks !

River Island £25.00
Pastel pink shirts & white collars & cuffs are  in for 2012 !

River Island £28.00
S/S '12 catwalks also featured galaxy inspired patterned dresses.

River Island Young Girls £20.00
Black wedges with floral designs are a must have for S/S '12 !

River Island Young Girls £20.00
A Denim pleated dress & a brown skinny leather belt ?
That just reads kooky spring looks !

River Island £50
Pricy off-coloured red dresses were in during the awards  earlier this year.
Dainty Sprinkles spotted photoes of Kim Kardashian in a dress very simular to this !
Twinsie dresses or what ?!

River Island Young Girls £20.00
Black, Pink, Turquoise & orange urban  patterns were  seen more than often this season !

River Island £25.00
Faded tribal patterns & black will be seen pretty often this year !

River Island £25.00
Legendary animal prints never ever fail no matter how dated !

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