Friday, 6 April 2012

This takes the bleedin' mick, but it's soo funny. Easter commercialised - Good or Bad.

These are photoes taken on my mobile phone of the Irish morning time programme "Ireland AM" on TV3.
I was at my Nan's & she watches this programmes every single morning, bur this morning I just couldn't stop laughing.

If you are a catholic / christian, etc. you'll know that today is Good Friday & is kind of suppose to be a sad day & of course Sunday is Easter Sunday.

Well, In the last 20 or 30 odd years, Easter has been really commerciallised in my opinion.
Bunnies, Chickens, Easter eggs, Baby lambs - I won't even mention the "Easter bunny who delivers your easter eggs" I mean like, The "Easter Bunny" never even visited me & I never asked the "Easter Bunny" to.

I know the photoes are fairly fuzzy & bad quality, but in the backround in the first pictures there is a toy rabbit driving a massive carrot as a motobike.
This is soo comerciallised, but actually soo funny.

What's your thoughts on commerciallisation when it comes to religious occasions such as Easter & others ?
Does it taken the point away from the point or does it make it funner ?

Grace x

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