Monday, 2 April 2012

Wearing Natural Make-Up Short-Version Part #1

Ok, My rabbits live outside, but I've brought them into my house into a dog basket, because they don't like the wet !
Oh God ! Plum's sitting on the death notices !
Ok, They'll be grand for a minute - I trust them.

I'm going to be doing a post about wearing make-up today.
I don't have any pictures about what make-up should look like when set, but when I do I will make a full-length extended post of this :))

The majority of people wear make-up for covering up their spots, Blemishes or if they have freckles like I do.
When you put concealer, etc. on your face it shouldn't look like you're wearing any.
I wear a Clinique powder, but it was recently discontinued.
It's not a compact powder & I put it on with a sponge & then a brush.
I also sometimes wear compact powder for school with a bit of concealer underneath, but it dosen't seem to always set which quite annoys me soo I don't tend to wear alot of it, because of that.

If you wear a very light or liquidy foundation or non-compact powder like I do, You might find when you first apply it it dosen't fully set or cover your freckles if you have any.
Whatever you do don't apply more make-up !
Wait about an hour or soo, And your make-up will have set, because we are on the go alot during the day.
If you have a heavy foundation don't apply too much, because the foundation will melt during the day.
If you have very light pretty freckles or like your freckles & don't wish to cover them, Brush a bit of compact powder or bronzer over your freckles straight after & then brush over the covered freckles with a clean brush.
This should take away some of your make-up while still making them not as obvious as they are without make-up.

On your eyes, For a natural look, but pretty look, Wear a bronze shade of eyeshadow & a thin line of liquid eyeliner.
The darker your skin, The darker shade of bronze.
Rub your mascara brush on the edge of the tube or a piece of tissue paper to remove clumps & put a very light layer of mascara on your eyes.

Apply a light creamy brown lipstick to your lips & apply a clear topcoat lipgloss over it.
If you don't have a light brown lipstick apply a light red or baby pink lipstick instead - Whichever is closest to your natural colour & then a light bronze lipgloss ontop.
If you have none of these, Apply a baby pink or red lipgloss instead.

If you want to shade in your eyebrows, Use a light layer of light brown eyebrow pencil to shade them in.
If you are wearing a dark shade of bronze on your eyes, You'll probably get away with with a darker shade on your eyebrows.

You shouldn't need to apply any blusher to your cheeks, but if you think it's necessary, Apply a little bit of pale pink lipgloss or brush over some bronzer.

I hope these suggestions for a natural face help !
The full look is best for jobs, Going shopping with your parents or if your just going to a friend's house.
If you want to achieve the natural look for school, Apply the shade of brown / cream most like your skin tone & only a hint of clear lipgloss & a bit of concealer &  very very light lair  of foundation.

In the extended version, I'll have before & after examples,

Grace x


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