Monday, 2 April 2012

Well it's my first blog post isn't it ?!

This is my first eh very awkward blogpost, but don't worry !!! I promise ! it won't be as fiddly & awkward in later posts !

Seeing as downloading Google Chrome has finally allowed me to blog again, I should tell you a bit about myself.

  • I'm Irish
  • I'm in 1st Year equivilent to 8th Grade I think I'm not sure
  • I've had several blogs before, but I deleted them for numerous reasons.
  • I have two awesome 10 week old bunnies Midnight & Plum
  • ...... And two elderly hens & two young hens who fight alot should I dare to say 
  • I have a goldfish called Tulip
  • Ok enough about pets ! I have one brother.
  • I'm suppose to be doing like 50 pages of maths revision sheets for Easter, but seriously ! I'll do it tomorrow :L
  • I do theatre school at weekends :))
  • I don't have much friends at school to name
  • But I do have loads at theatre school at weekends !
  • I am Dyspraxic / DCD & will explain that later. 
I'm going to be blogging about beauty, Fashion, etc. !

Grace x

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