Friday, 13 April 2012

WHAT TO WEAR : When Going Shopping.

Whether you're shopping for the new season or for an occasion, Trying on clothes can definitely be an awful pain especially if you're wearing over clingy clothing.
But luckily, I've came up with an important guide to wearing comfortable clothing & make-up that won't rub off onto the clothes when going shopping !

If you're going shopping never wear anything clingy or what might take a while longer to take on & off.
That means leaving your pastel coloured skinny jeans at home !
Tracksuit bottoms that would look slightly fashionable  or cameo pants are a very good idea.
But always wear a pair of black opaque tights or bring a pair when shopping.
It's always a good idea to wear a pair if you're trying on denim shorts, Dresses, Skirts, etc. basically anything you'd wear tights with !

Wear a summer sleeveless tee for off-shoulder dresses & jumpers.
On-top of that, Wear knee-length jumper or dress to wear with your tights.
Make sure this is also loose & easy to take on & off.

Wear a pair of runners or shoes that you'll easily slip in & out of.
Bring a pair of heels if you are shopping for an occasion.
Also bring lipstick, Babywipes, Hair grips or a cardigan depending on what you are shopping for.
Don't wear alot of jewellery just in-case it pulled off or broke when trying on clothes or if 
you left an expensive necklace behind.

Wear very light make-up.
You don't want your foundation or cream eyeshadow to rub onto clothes you're unsure 
whether to buy or not !
In that case, Keep your foundation very light or better still stick to mineral base for the day, Avoid creamy eyeshadows that will easily come off.
If you really want to wear your everyday make-up eyeshadow, Lippie & all, Stick to waterproof make-up then.

Hope these suggestions help & you have a comfortable fun shopping day out !

Grace x

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