Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thank You Kiss Magazine !

Hi everyone,

Last day of summer tests tomorrow (finally !) & then I will be on my glorious summer holidays I have waited for for ages !

Above is my piece in  Kiss Magazine !
First of all, Thank you soo much Kiss for putting my piece in your magazine after I wrote a like four page letter to you's which was probably quite a mouthful & thanks for putting my blog link on it !

Secondly, I want to talk about dyspraxia & sensory processing disorder.
It's something I actually didn't know I had until I was 11 & it wasn't confirmed until last October.
Like having any kind of disorder (dyslexia, etc.) it can be extremely annoying to have - It's like what I said to my Mam last week "Isn't it brilliant having a clinical explanation for being clumsy & a loser !"
Obviously I was being pretty sarcastic.
One book I read that helped me was Victoria Bigg's "Caged In Chaos" - Victoria Biggs wrote this book when she was just sixteen.
It's a really good book that kind of makes sense of everything soo if you have dyspraxia or know someone who has it it's a good book to read.

Anyway, Once again - THANK YOU KISS ;D ;D ;D

Grace x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Heatwave & Make-up.

Hi everyone,

This week has been exceptionally warm - Especially yesterday.
I actually got sunburnt on Wednesday at sport's day around my neck which was awful !
My rabbits have also been loathing, but enjoying the sun !
Thank God my summer tests are next week & I get my holidays this Friday for three whole months - Whoop !

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Two S/OOTD's & Update

 Hi everyone,

Soo like I say above, I've been taking a break from the internet for the month of May, because of these lousy summer exams & I really want to be able to get both homework & revision done as well as having down-time with my family.
I'm watching the match (Go Chelsea ! Whoop whoop !) this morning soo I thought I may as-well blog while I have a nice Saturday evening.

Here's the outfit I wore last weekend.

Sorry for it being semi-upside-down !
I did actually rotate the photo on the laptop, but well, Y'know yourself, Blogger's acting up.
Besides that, I am wearing Dunnes Doc boots, Dunnes Blue knee high socks, Penneys Navy blue jumper, Claire's Accessories Striped sunglasses & my brown leather bow hairband & my Cherokee Tesco maxi skirt which I got like three years ago.
Btw, Thanks to my Mam for taking these two photoes as well as many others !

I was thinking long & hard during the week about my style & looking through my wardrobe I'd call it Urban Lady as it consists of vintage style ladylike clothing & urban streetstyle clothing.

You might notice my hair's slightly gingery / orangy in the photoes & that's because I sprayed with my hair with Lee Stafford Extreme Orange Hair Spray & then watered it down to make it darker / lighter.
It's brilliant, because it washes out after one wash & if the colour's too strong you can do what I did & water it down.
The most brilliant thing is that in my local pound shop it is only one euro !!!
I'll be spraying my hair this colour again over the summer & doing a tutorial.

Here's the outfit I wore today.

I am wearing runners that I forget where they're from, Striped socks, Savada ivory cardigan, My blue rose & black netting hairband, Dunnes purple three-quarter lengths & a green tee.

I don't know whether  I'll be blogging next week, because it's weekend before & all & I know it's only a summer exam, but I do want to get something out of all the revision I've done soo far soo there's no point in just stopping all of a sudden.
I'll definetly be back on the 1st June when I get my beloved three month holidays !

Grace xx