Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thank You Kiss Magazine !

Hi everyone,

Last day of summer tests tomorrow (finally !) & then I will be on my glorious summer holidays I have waited for for ages !

Above is my piece in  Kiss Magazine !
First of all, Thank you soo much Kiss for putting my piece in your magazine after I wrote a like four page letter to you's which was probably quite a mouthful & thanks for putting my blog link on it !

Secondly, I want to talk about dyspraxia & sensory processing disorder.
It's something I actually didn't know I had until I was 11 & it wasn't confirmed until last October.
Like having any kind of disorder (dyslexia, etc.) it can be extremely annoying to have - It's like what I said to my Mam last week "Isn't it brilliant having a clinical explanation for being clumsy & a loser !"
Obviously I was being pretty sarcastic.
One book I read that helped me was Victoria Bigg's "Caged In Chaos" - Victoria Biggs wrote this book when she was just sixteen.
It's a really good book that kind of makes sense of everything soo if you have dyspraxia or know someone who has it it's a good book to read.

Anyway, Once again - THANK YOU KISS ;D ;D ;D

Grace x

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