Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge !

Tomorrow I will be starting a challenge called the "Alphabet Challenge" where from June 6th which is tomorrow I will wear my outfit each day according to what letter of the alphabet I am currently on, but look outside the box everyone !
Just because the letter might be "B" don't wear blue clothing !

Tomorrow the letter is A.
"A" Hints : e.g. Animal Prints, Abstract.

Read all about the Dainty Sprinkles challenge by clicking here !
Tweet me your outfits / outfit ideas here !

Grace x


  1. I read your part in KISS! You are some girl! I love your blog! I have started follwoing! I think this alphabet thingy is great! xD

    1. Thanks ! I followed your blogs too whats your name on Stardoll


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