Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hi everyone !
Sorry I haven't updated the alphabet challenge in the past two days !
Unfortountly I'm not in a position to insert my memory card to upload photoes of my outfits, but I promise, Tomorrow evening - Bam ! you will have your updated alphabet challenges up to read for yourselves.

Yesterday, I bought myself a Blackberry Curve 8520 & moved to the Meteor network.
I've heard that Blackberry only want business people to have Blackberry mobiles soo some Blackberry Curve 8520's were deliberetly made broken.
I know a few people who were affected by this, but touch wood this won't happen to me.

I'm going to paint my nails & do the nail tutorial tomorrow afternoon.
I am also going to photograph all my hair accesories.
Both these projects will be uploaded on Sunday morning / afternoon.
I'm doing a mixture of techniques on different nails soo if you want me to paint a nail a particular colour, etc. don't hesitate to ask - I don't bite !

Also, If you have any entries for The Raspberry get them in quick !
You can email or Tweet them in to me.
Please have any entries in by Monday just to make it easier for me to make the weekly project, Thanks.

Finally, This week I've been in a really good mood, Just really happy.
Thanks everyone who follows my blog & comments.
I love reading my comments & emails, They make my day.

Grace x


  1. Thats great! I missed your posts! I am going to put something in The Raspberry, but I dont know what yet....

    1. Awesome ! I don't know what I'm going to do for The Raspberry either !


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