Saturday, 9 June 2012

In My Make-Up Bag !

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I decided to do a blog post about the products in my make-up bag simular to ones I've seen on YouTube.

These are all my lip products.
I have the I Love ... balms in  Mango & Papaya and Raspberry & Blackberry - I wear these to school alot as they keep my lips hydrated & give them colour - My only negative point about these would be that they tend to make my lips look very greasy & oily.
My So ? lipglosses are almost as thick as lipsticks so I wouldn't wear them out alot.
My Essence Tint It ! colour changing lipgloss is one of my favourites although the tube is very sticky right now ! It gives lips either a mad pink or a lilac colour without looking oily.
The three tube lipglosses over by the right are ones I received for Christmas, I think they could be from Penneys & they're in a skin pink, Berry red & a bronze - They're not too liquidy where they'd appear oily & they're not too dry & clingy.
I really like my Essence XXL Shine (The old ones not the improved ones sorry.) because they promise non stickiness or clinginess. They also achieve something I think is pretty rare - An amazing shine without looking oily - My clear Essence lipgloss is the Volume XXXL which is also brilliant product !
My other shimmery lipgloss & lipstick is just stuff I got in magazines, etc. .

These are all my eye products.
I'll start with my mascaras & eye-liners / pencils.
My Essence All Eyes On Me mascara in black I haven't used in a while as it annoys me sometimes because it can go from too thick to too thin !
My favourite mascara is Essence Multi Action mascara the one in the black & orange packaging which is the one I wear right now - It is amazing, because it never clumps & makes my lashes look so thin & long they could be false !
My Essence liquid eye-liner I've only used once or twice, because I just simply can't apply it let alone remove it !
I have a Collection 2000 Intense Colour eye-pencil which comes out in a turquoise colour even though it's suppose to be a navy blue.
I also have a kajal eye-pencil from Essence in turquoise.
My MUA (make-up academy.) Intense Glitter eye-pencil from Superdrug which I did a review on has gone missing which is a pity.
I have two Essence Quattro palettes in 07 Party Animal & a bronze shade which I don't know the name of - They're both really good for contouring, etc. .
I also have two Essence Metallic Effect Eyeshadow in 11 Wild At Heart & 07 Disco Diva 1.99 EURO, I've done a review on 11 Wild At Heart before which you might know I was pretty dissapointed with, but I found 07 Disco Diva looked really good on my eyes compared to other purple eyeshadows which usually make me look tired.
I have an Isadora ID palette in green & blue & I'd wear them alot, because they look really shimmery & full on my eyes !

These are my bronzers & blushers.
The Rimmel bronzer I never wear, because I won't wear any Rimmer product as they test on animals.
The technic bronzer I got in a magazine which is gives a lovely colour to my face & the Essence Mosaic Bronze Powder I haven't tried yet, but I can't wait too !
The blusher & Clinique blushers I also haven't tried, but I will in future.

These are all my body sprays & perfumes.
The body glitter I got a few years ago & I apply over Vasaline on my eye lids.
My So ? exciting body spray & perfume I can't remember when I got them, but I wear them for dancing, Sports, etc. because they give you a lift & smell nice.
I got my So ? Superstar on special offer a few years ago & I wear that on special occasions.
My Implulse Paris & Impulse Into Glamour body sprays I wear only sometimes because they smell very sweet & can attract bees, Wasps, etc. .

If you want me to do a review on any of these comment here  & I'll do my concealers, Face powders, etc. another time.

Grace x


  1. I love the I Love.... lip balms too! I also have other lip balms like them with I got in Marks and Spencers, they give of a nice colour and smell great!

    1. the Mango & Papaya one smells delicious ! But my berry one smells vile now cos I've used it soo much :(( whats your favourite flavour

  2. Hey Grace, you should make YouTube videos too ! c:

    1. That's a good idea :)) maybe when I'm older in a few years !


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