Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Poll

Hi everyone !

I've just put a poll up here to the right - I'm still to see if it works, but I'll get back to you on that.
Basically, Next Wednesday & Thursday, I want to spend some time on three projects to put up here to keep me busy - One which I've already chosen & I'm going to research it & I'll tell you about it next week.
The other two projects I want you's to choose !
I've put the poll up with several options & you can choose up to two !

  • Nails Tutorial - e.g. Black glitter nails.
  • Day in the Life of Dainty Sprinkles - A diary-like entry of my day.
  • Fruity Make-up Tutorial - A tutorial of how to do fruity make-up.
  • My Hair-band Collection - Haul-like post of my excessive amount of hair accessories !
  • Mascara Review - Review of my favourite Essence Multi Action Mascara.
Like I said, You can pick either one or two options, It's entirely up to you.
The poll is set up to be closed next Tuesday the 19th.
Choose away !

16/06/2012 17.48pm UPDATE : Nail Tutorial, Fruity Make-up Tutorial & Hair-band Collection are all in the lead with one vote each.
17/06/2012 14.02pm UPDATE : Nail Tutorial is in the lead with 4 votes, Day in the Life of Dainty Sprinkles & My Hair Accessory Collection both have 2 votes & Fruity Make-up Tutorial has 1 vote.

Grace x


  1. Ok so, how about

    1.Fruity Make-up

    2. Hair-band collection!

  2. I voted :) 1.nail art and 2. hair band collection

    Tanesha x


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