Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Penneys & H&M Haul and Some Updates

Hi everyone,
I posted yesterday that I went shopping in Dundrum & picked up a few thing in H&M & Penneys (Basically the Irish version of Primark.) & how I'm going to do a haul today with the stuff I bought.
Yes everybody, My camera & laptop are acting extremely strange today & decided to forget that I rotated the photoes like a million time apoligies !


Penneys actually suprised me as it turned out that the two pieces of clothing I got in Penneys 
turned out a euro more expensive than the three pieces of clothing I got in H&M.
All the clothing are from the Y.D (9-14 years.) section of the store.

Dress €12.00.
This dress is brilliant, because I can wear it out during the summer to shops, etc. if I feel like wearing something casual, but slightly dressy.
Plus can I just say, That is slightly pricey for Penneys I'm sure a few will agree with me.
Print leggings €5.00
*  Dies *
I just had to say that ! 
These are soo cheap for leggings & in the changing room & I was soo suprised that they actually fit me properly which was super amazing !


I love H&M, because when I walked into H&M Kids yesterday nothing disappointed me & looked kiddish - I would've both the whole shop out if I was a millionaire !
I love all the clothes I got, because I can dress them up & dress them down in future !

Playsuit €6.95 / £5.99
This playsuit was like the highlight of my day, because I've been looking for one for soo long this year.
It's really pretty & the floral print is beautiful & they've also got two other ones in stripes & aztec prints which you can see on the H&M website.

Jersey Dress €3.95 / £2.99
First of all, Look how cheap this dress is !
I bought this dress, because it's the perfect dress I can wear during the warm days during the summer or  when I go to the beach.
I also plan to wear it with my black tights & red leopard boots during the winter which will look very funky !

Shorts €5.95 / £4.99
Soo a few months ago I saw the girl who plays the main charactar in Vampire Diaries - Don't ask me her name I forget it - on the cover of Kiss magazine, She was wearing a lilac & violet leopard print dress & I was like "Omigod ! I like have to get that !"
Yesterday I found these shorts in H&M & they were soo cool with their little pockets & all & obviously I then decided to buy them !

That's my haul now & you'll probably see them in S/OOTD's in the future !
Now for other stuff.

Also yesterday, I finally bought a tube of my favourite cream Johnson's baby soft cream.
It was only €2.50, but it's less than €2 for the rectangular tube in other shops & it's well worth the money, because it'll take off my make-up & moisturise my skin.

And then finally today, I went to the orthodontist & got my train track braces checked &  I finally got the pink elastic off & green on instead !

Grace x


  1. Really like that first dress from penny's! Lovely in sunny weather (: Like the colour elastic :) Cool haul!

    1. Thanks ! Love the dress too - It looks like a vintage dress with an urban twist !


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