Wednesday, 6 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 1 "A" is for Acidic Colours !

Today was the first day of my Alphabet Challenge & the first letter of the alphabet is "A".
I looked up acid colours on Google Images & I found yellows, Kahiki greens, Turquoises, Dark blues & mad pinks as acidic colours.

I wore my blue cardigan, Mad pink vest top & white with yellow pink & blue striped runners with my black leggings & my orange pink & white bracelet.
Unfortountly, The weather couldn't make it's mind up today soo I had to wear my denim jacket, because it was raining on & off.

I wore the bluey-violet shade of the Essence Quattro palette in 07 Party Animal.
You might recognise this palette & shade of eyeshadow from my Spring Ideas / Easter make-up tutorial.
All four shades in this palette work lovely for spring make-up & are all acidic colours although you may need to add a bit of bronze to the green.

Tomorrow is B !
Hints: Berry colours, Buttons.

Grace x

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