Sunday, 24 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 16 "R" is for Roller Retro


Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to wear something retro, but with a 21st century twist.
I wore my Penneys dress €12.00, My Dunnes sandals & Dunnes purple hoodie as always.
I wanted to put a bit of lipstick on for the retro, but I didn't get time to until I got home which is why half my top lip looks like it's disappeared in the first few photoes as my lips are very discoloured for some reason.

Tomorrow is letter "S".
S Hints : Stockings, Superwoman.

Grace x


  1. You really love your purple hoodie!!!! LOL xxx

    1. Thanks - Everyone keeps telling me that hah ! I really wanted an Addidas one & then I saw this one in Dunnes & it was just soo pretty !


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