Monday, 25 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 17 "S" is for Sporty Silhouette & Requested Nails Tutorial & Rabbits

Sporty Silhouette

Hi everyone,
Long post today, Lets start with the alphabet challenge !

Today sport & embracing your silhouette were my inspiration for "S".
I wore my tank top, Purple hoodie as always, Basic black leggings & my beloved purple leopard print shorts €5.95 from H&M !

Tomorrow is the letter "T".
T Hints : Tropical, Turkish Delight.


Requested Nail Tutorials

In the poll, You's really wanted a nail tutorial soo last night I did my finger nails & toe nails.
Here are step by step photoes to help !

And they're my nails !
Essence top coat, Essence Colour & Go & Opia black nail polishes were used in this nail project.
Essence Colour & Go are €1.29 & Essence top coat are €2.29 from all good pharmacies & Opia nail polishes are available in Penneys / Primark & prices vary.

That's all from me for today.
I hope you enjoyed it.
It took me over an hour to put this together & I hope it was worth it.

Grace x


  1. really you should try wearing a different jacket other than your purple dunnes one! Im sure you have loads! love ur rabbits and nails.... :)

    1. I have a denim jacket & a hoodie. I mix them around. No offence, but I can't be wearing completely different outfits every single day.


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