Tuesday, 26 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 18 "T" is for Trendy


Hi everyone,

Before I get onto my outfit today, Can I just clear up something ?
I'll definitely take everyone's opinion into account, but just to say in advanced that alot of people have a favourite hoodie & I have my own & I do wear that alot soo don't be suprised if you see me wearing it alot, Just saying as a few people were saying that I always wear it which I don't !
The Irish weather is pretty bad.

Today I *tried* to look trendy for letter "T".
I wore my leggings that look denim, My sandals & my coral pink tee.
And then like I said above, I'd get cold & soaked if I only wore a t-shirt out & because of that, I threw on my hoodie has a hood.
My denim jacket dosen't have a hood.

Tomorrow is letter "U".
U Hints : Under my Umberella, Unusual.

Grace x

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