Friday, 29 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 21 "W" is for Warped Patterns


Hi everyone,

Today I wore a dress, Sandals, My denim jacket & denim-looking leggings.
I was thinking more of warped patterns, etc. as there is two patterns in the dress.
I found it pretty hard to think of ideas for "W", but I got there !

Tomorrow is letter "X".
X Hints : X Ray / See-Through Clothing, Xing Japanese Street Style.


Shh ! Don't tell Truffle I'm here

Big binky -Soo cute !.

What are you lookin' ah ?



I've decided to do a series of make-up tutorials on ice-cream flavours once a week, Comment here with your requests, Here's the first one.
There's an ice-cream flavour in the Maud's ice-cream counters called Pooh Bear's Delight it's made of caramel sauce & fudge chunks I think & I thought I'd do a tutorial on it.

Apply a light base of matte foundation in a pale shade with a hint of glow, Failing this, The shade nearest to your natural skin tone of course.
Make sure your foundation is not too heavy or dark & don't wear bronzer or blusher as this may take away from your lips & eyes.

Apply eyeshadow base or a cream eyeshadow (Not the cream colour, I mean by creamy eyeshadow.) to your eyes & apply a layer of brown mascara.
If your eyes look tired, Apply some white eye pencil underneath your eyes.

Finally, Apply a light not dark caramel / fudge-type shade of lipstick on your lips.
If your lipstick is a darker shade, Then apply a dab of clear lipgloss  on-top to lighten the shade.
Keep the lipstick looking matte & make sure your lipstick isn't clumpy or too heavy.

The finishing look should be a matte looking fudge coloured look.
Hope you enjoyed this !

Grace x


  1. Very cute outfit love it with the added denim jacket!

  2. I used to have the exact same hens but they died :( i REALLY want more
    does that sound wierd? lol :)xoxo

    1. No it dosen't ! One of my chickens did die though


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