Friday, 8 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 3 "C" is for Candy Canes

Today the letter is "C" & I decided to wear candy & pastel colours.
I'm wearing my white tank top & striped tee, My maxi skirt & even my socks look like candy canes.
I'm wearing three sets of pastel coloured bracelets that I got in Penneys last year.
A few of you were asking where I got my bracelets (The yellow ones, etc.) & most of my bead bracelets I got in Penneys last year when they were less than 2 Euro in the kids section & they came in a set which included large beaded bracelets & small beaded bracelets.
Unfortountly, There is no such thing as a lovely warm sunny summer in Ireland so I've had to put a cardigan on to keep warm. Meh' .

Tomorrow the letter is "D".
D Hints : Denim, Diva.


  1. Hi Grace! I saw your passage in KISS and i'm really inspired by what you do. I love drama and writing too but to do it with your illness is amazing! You go girl! I am now following your blog... can you possibly follow mine? Bye Jane xxx

  2. Same ! They're like my favourite bracelets ever, but I'm like Ow ! when they pull at the skin :((

  3. Thanks Jane :)) Followed your blog !


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