Wednesday, 13 June 2012

S/OOTD. Alphabet Challenge : Day 8 "H" is for Happy-Go-Lucky



Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to wear something that would give me a lift soo I wore my Dunnes denim jacket, My Penneys leggings & my H&M jersey dress - Last two which are featured in yesterday's haul.
I also wore lime green & turquoise eye-shadows out of my ID Isadora palette.

Tomorrow is the letter "I".
I Hints : Ice-cream colours, I'm-A-Bee.

Grace x


  1. You have showed your face for once!!! LOL :) I have one last question (so sorry to bug you :( ) how did you for example put all the alphabet challenge posts all on to one page as well as home? Thanks so much ps love your outfit

    1. Thanks :)) my Mam took the last two photoes for me & I loved my outfit yesterday ;D ! I re-post the photoes onto the one page :))

  2. Oh so sorry never mind!!! you don't have to answer that!!! :)


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