Monday, 4 June 2012

S/OOTD & Rabbits !

On Saturday, I decided to wear my canary yellow tee from Penneys / Primark.
It's not my favourite tee in the world as it can be a little "in your face" soo to tame it down I wore a load of yellow bracelets to deflect from it.
Sorry for the bad quality of my mobile phone - My camera's batteries die at least once a week & I'm sick of re-charging them or buying new ones.

And then I found a whole load of photoes on my mobile of my rabbits !
It's fairly obvious by now that I am obsessed with taking photoes of Plum & Truffle, but they are soo cute especially when they get tired after having a run around !
And on this rare occasion, Truffle had decided to stretch out along with Plum !

I'll be putting up a Little Mix style blog post later, but I'm still putting it together !

Grace x

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