Sunday, 10 June 2012

Truffle & Plum "Ghetto DJ" Shoot !

Hi everyone !
It's the 10th June & I don't know whether I'll get this blog post up today or not, but ah well.
You might notice the little "Plum & Truffle Modelling" page at the top of my blog.
They're not really modelling, It's just that they're soo cute & I just love photographing them !

Today I took photoes of them in my chickens' pen & of Plum climbing up the pile of logs which she nearly climbed over the wall from, but luckily she was helped down !
The first few photoes are taken by The Lonely Tree - He's fantastic at taking photographs & that's where I got the ghetto & DJ theme idea !

my favourite photo out of all these ! I love the way the wall, The un-clean paws in the CD & the ground are all shown

DJ Furry Hop !

Truffle on a patio-slab in the middle of the grass.

The Lonely Tree spent ages trying to get the perfect photo of Plum half-way  climbing up the logs 

Truffle - Once again I love the way the bins the wall the tree stump & the  ground are all  portrayed - Soo urban even though it's in the middle of a chicken pen !

These photoes below are all taken by me.

DJ Furry Hop !

"No. I didn't make this mess."
Poor Plum stares at the mess after Truffle had a big play-time !

Cuddling together.

Trying to get the cute feet in & all.

Plum on-top of the logs just before she attempted to climb to the  top of the wall.

Truffle before going into the chicken pen.

Eating some sticks.

Truffle races to the chicken pen.

Truffle & Plum expressing curiosity.

Plum wondering how she will jump up on that table.

Pulling the chicken's sun-cover. They won't be too happy.

Bit of a fuzzy picture, but you gotta love Plum's ears !

Relaxing after shoot.


Tired after lots of running climbing & photoes !

Plum genuinely gets tired alot anyway 

Carrot peelings - A treat for all their hard work today !

Grace x

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