Thursday, 26 July 2012

17 Hide Away concealer review, Make-Up Routine & More !

Good morning everyone ! 
It's 10.28am & I'm outside in the front garden under a tree as yesterday afternoon & this morning it's been really warm & sunny & I think the rest of today is going to be the same.

Yesterday I prepared two blogposts for the weekend, but today I'm reviewing 17's Hide Away concealer.
Damnit ! I forgot a mirror ! One moment. Ok I got the mirror.
Anyway, I'll also be doing a summer make-up theme sort of tutorial as well it's kind of like my summer make-up routine.

First of all this is me with no moisturiser on & the sunlight - Yes, I do know I don't look awful, etc. with no make-up soo please don't say that I don't need make-up as I don't wear make-up every single day & I don't put on a whole lot ! 

First I'm going to apply moisturiser as shown below, I'm also going to apply lipbalm.

1. Squeeze the moisturiser onto a finger.
2. Apply dots of the moisturiser onto different sections of your face.
3. Now moisturise & leave to soak in for five minutes.

While I'm waiting I'll just keep rambling on !
I use Clean & Clear's Morning Energy skin brightening daily moisturiser which I've used for almost a year now & it's brilliant.

Above is the concealer I used which is from the brand 17.
The packaging is really sophisticated, It actually looks like Essence's cream eyeshadow base.
The text on the packaging promises / claims that the product is dermatologically tested & fragrance free & that you can use this concealer alone as a foundation or underneath a foundation or powder which is basically suggesting that you can use this product all year around which is a great first impression.
The applicator above is like a lipgloss applicator which I haven't used before & I'm really iffy will I won't I about that to be honest - I'm using this concealer in the shade fair.

First, I'm using the applicator to apply several blobs of concealer to the back of my hand to work from.
I recommend using this technique or applying with a brush.
Use your ring finger to apply concealer & make sure your hair is pulled back & is not in the way.

Review / Thoughts : This concealer is ok, It's hard to work with & slightly dry soo I'd recommend that you     add a small blob of moisturiser to make it more moist.
I know this sounds crazy, but if that dosen't work I'd even go as far as suggesting that you add the teeniest of drops of water to the mix just don't make it too moist !
I wouldn't recommend wearing this concealer on or around dry or rough patches, because of the dryness of this product.

As for the promises or claims as I'd call them after trying the product out read on the packaging ... It is fragrance free couldn't smell a thing of it, but I wouldn't wear this alone like it suggests on the packaging, It dosen't have a "soft matte" finish that it promises in-fact it almost makes your skin problems, etc. look worse than the already are although the sunlight affected the photo soo you can't really see what I'm explaining.
Rate : 6/10.

I'm now going to finish my look with Clinique Almost Powder, A layer of Essence Multi Action mascara & pink lipstick ... Except I forgot the powder - Omigod I'm soo forgetful !
My brother's getting me it, because I don't want to leave my valuables out for someone to steal soo while I'm waiting I'll show you my hair-do.
I tied it up in a ponytail & then wrapped it around with another hair bobbin into a bun, I then used hair grips to grip hair to the bun.

Got the powder which applying now with a brush that could be a No7 to apply it.
I also brush some powder over my eyebrows.
Yayy Mam bought myself & my brother a hula hoop each whoop ! Off topic, Off topic.
I'm finally finished my look, I think I'm definitely going to have to mix the concealer with moisturiser from now on.

As for my outfit, I'm wearing my floral maxi dress from Next, My white knit back to front as a sun cover which would be handy as a sun cover worn at the seaside, My striped sunglasses from Clare's Accessories & sandals. I also carried alot of my stuff back with a little chicken haversack which we got at Easter when I was younger, How cute ?!

Grace x


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