Saturday, 7 July 2012

Denim Smoky Eye Tutorial & Essence Quattro Palette Review

(Wearing Penneys t-shirt, Cherokee @ Tesco Maxi Skirt.)
Hi everyone,

This is a tutorial that I've been itching to do for absolute ages & finally I have the equipment & products to do a denim make-up tutorial. 

Basically the way I see a denim smoky eye as is just really laid back & casual.
Basic smoky eye make-up involves a nude lip, but my denim smoky make-up lip is baby pink & is inspired by the pink lipgloss Essence's limited edition range back a few months ago called "Denim Wanted".

(My inspiration for this look - Isn't it hard to believe that these lipglosses were only 96c  ? Ever too cheap & totally cute !)


Mascara : Essence Multi Action 
Eyeshadow : Essence Quattro palette in 09 Denim 4.0
Lipgloss : Lip Gloss (Unknown.)


The pigments of this palette is pretty positive & negative.
I have used Essence's Quattro palettes in the past & still do regularly & there is always one shade of the four that's pigment dosen't show up unless you build up the shade.
The silver pigment was great on my arm & soo was the top-right blue, but the bottom-right blue took two layers to appear & as for the bottom-left sparkled blue, It hardly appeared clearly visible at all until I had built up four or five layers.
All in all, All four pigments looked brilliant once they had eventually appeared.


1. Apply a layer of silver eyshadow to the corner of the eye & it's surroundings.

Apply your lightest blue to the unshaded areas of the eyelid.
Blend in the blue with the silver by applying a slight bit of eyeshadow to where the blue & silver  eyeshadow meet creating a faded effect.

Apply your darkest shade of blue to the outer v area of the eyelid applicating the remaining pigment on your applicator or finger onto the outer crease. 

Finally add two layers of mascara making sure it is clump free.

For your lips apply some baby or coral pink lipgloss.

Finished Look #1

Finished Look #2

Grace x


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