Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lasting Your Outfit From Day til' Night

Hi everyone !

Today I'm doing a blogpost on how you can wear the same dress for different occasions all day long by just changing a few accessories, etc. which I did on Wednesday along with a make-up haul which will be up on Monday !
I decided to do this, because it's very easy to arrive home from a busy day shopping or whatever & you might be going somewhere, To a friend's, A wedding or a party & you don't have enough time to change
soo I'm going to show you how you can use the the same eyeshadow palette & dress for two different outfits in one day.

Today I'm using Essence's Quattro eyeshadow palette in Denim 4.0 & my blue jersey dress from H&M for both looks.

(Fuzzy Camera, Fuzzy camera. NOOooo ! Stupid lens.)
 Soo this is my day look I created.
I blended the first & brightest blue & the silver together to create a bright look & wore a  natural pink lipgloss.
I wore my jersey dress alone with a pair of sandals & tied my hair back in a side ponytail.
You can alter this look by adding a hoodie, Wearing different lip products, etc. .


For the night look, I blended the last & darkest blue near the crease of my eyelid & applied pink lipstick.
I threw on an ivory cardigan over my jersey dress & left my sandals on.
I turned my ponytail into a bun by wrapping it around my large velvet hair bobbin & secured with a smaller hair bobbin.
You can alter this look by adding a clutch, Adding blusher, etc. .

Make your outfit stand out by making sure your nails compliment your dress !
Like I've shown below, The colours pink & yellow really compliment the colour blue soo I have combined them both into nail art to wear with my dress & I'll leave the link to to the tutorial on how I did these nails at the bottom.

Hope these suggestions help !
If you want a tutorial on my bun or anything else shown above just comment below !

Grace x

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