Monday, 9 July 2012

S/OOTD : Colour Me Casual


(Wore same outfit last Monday.)

Inspiration : Casual, but colourful clothing
Outfit pieces : Purple hoodie €22.00 Dunnes Stores
Yellow tee (Worn underneath.) Penneys
Grey leggings either Dunnes or Penneys I forget
Accesories : Pulse Accessories turquoise rose hairband
Sekonda watch
Make-up : No face make-up today !
So ? lipgloss in red Colour with Attitude
Essence Multi-Action Mascara.

I'm going to the dentist again today to get yet another tooth out.
I won't be venturing out for the next few days, because of it & of course the anaesthetic which just completely drains me out.
I'm wearing no make-up today - Just lipgloss & a layer of mascara to cheer me up.
I don't care too much about my spots, etc. it's more the blackheads which are starting to clear up, but I don't actually expect them to seeing as they've been there since I was like nine.
I'm hoping to buy a new Essence lipgloss over the next few weeks - Maybe a glossy lipbalm ?
If I do, I'll definitely review it !


Review : I used the "O" & a bit of the "S" which are the ruby red shades in the palette today.
Usually they are quite red, but today they seemed more of a pinky colour soo I think they might've faded.
The other shades in this palette are very creamy, but the red shade is actually quite the opposite & very glossy & it looks amazing even with just one layer on.
Rate : Really glossy & impressive. Unfortunately the red colour seems to have faded soo that brings it down a mark or two as it shouldn't.

Grace x

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