Friday, 6 July 2012

S/OOTD : Do I See A Grey ?


Hi everyone,

Today's been one of the worst days I've seen in a while, but if I quote Agnes Brown (Mrs. Brown's Boys.) I will type "40 days & nights ? In Ireland, We call that summer !".
That is the reason why the quality of my photo's aren't great as it was particularly dull.

Today I wanted to wear an outfit that represent the effect of the weather at the moment & adding a bit of "cheery uppy" with bright colours.

Inspiration : Brightening up the weather 
Outfit pieces : Bella Moda polka dot crop top €9.99
Grey leggings
H&M jersey dress €3.99
Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots €15.99
Accesories : Pulse Accessories brown leather bow hairband
Sekonda watch
Dunnes Stores faded purple beaded necklace
Make-up : Clinique Almost Powder
Lipgloss from box-set
Essence Multi-Action Mascara.


Review : I think I've already done a review of the box set I got this gloss in.
Ideally I'd like to review lip products where I know the name of the brand, etc. , but I was in a rush today & took the nearest lip product I could find out of my make-up bag.

I don't really like this lipgloss, because you have to apply heavy layers of it to bring out the pigment that is pink.
You cannot see it in the photo, but the pigment only showed on the centre of my upper lip & the inside of my lower lip.
I liked this gloss, because it's lovely & glossy without looking that greasy kind of shiny.
I'd recommend it for school, but outside that there's not much of a use for this product unfortunately which is a pity as the lipgloss itself looked quite promising.
RATE : Spot on amazing gloss, but the lack of pigment let this product down. Still, Very impressive for a cheap make-up set product.
7/10 .

Just one Last Thing

Just wondering has anyone used Essence's eyeshadow applicator set by Zeena in the past or currently uses them ?
I've heard about No7's brilliant applicators & brushes which I've seen for €7.50 in Boots, but I'm looking for something for a cheap price, but is quality for the price.
If you've used the Zeena applicators or something even cheaper that does the job can you comment below ?
Thanks !

Grace x

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