Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tinfoil Eyes, Yesterday's Face & Pet Plankers


Foundation : Clinique Almost Powder, Lacura concealer
Eye Make-up :  Essence Multi-Action mascara
Lips : I Love ... Berries glossy lip balm .


Products used : Essence Quattro palette in Denim 4.0,
Essence Multi-Action Mascara.


During the week, Plum & Truffle did alot of napping & planking in random places !

01 myself & the rabbits were watching a film today
02 the rabbits very comfortable 
03 Truffle grazing
04 Truffle napping behind a pot
05 Plum planking behind the sticks
06 Truffle & Plum planking !

If you've photo's of your pets looking like they're planking email me or tweet me them & I'll include them in next post !

Grace x

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