Wednesday, 29 August 2012

S/OOTD : Opposite of Spring

Hi everyone !
I decided to do a quick style and outfit of the day today, because my clothes are really spring type or what you'd wear in February for example, because I see August & September as spring months which is weird, but that's my perception of things !
And, And ! I've semi-straightened hair ! Whoop woop !

Wearing : H&M Floral Jumpsuit,
 Bracelet made by cousin, 
Bracelet from Fragrance Heaven,
 Pulse Accessories brown leather bow hairband,
 Sekonda watch,
 Tesco tights,
 Denim jacket & Red leopard boots both Dunnes Stores.

Make-up : No7 compact powder
Essence Quattro palette in Ciao Bella
Essence Tint It lipgloss lip stain in Crazy
Essence concealer
Essence Multi Action mascara Smokey Eyes.

Thanks for reading !
Grace x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Room Tour !

Hi everyone !

On Sunday, I tidied my room, "Spring Clean" & all that.
I moved around my desk & a few other thing soo it's pretty neat !
Alot of Youtubers & Bloggers are doing Room Tours and I thought I'd do one !

Also, I'm trying to make a Dainty Sprinkles Life section to my blog, but the photo won't upload, That's why the "Click Here" photo that I edited (My photo editor is also messing up, Grr.) is above as I can link it up instead.

This book shelf is where I store all my books & magazines, I have jewellery, Hair products & a defuser on top.
Beside my book shelf is my beenbag pouffe - You've probably seen this before when I was watching films with the rabbits !

 I have a little storage space, Shelf thingy which I've moved right beside my bed soo I can feed Tulip without getting out of bed ! Tulip & her tank is on top and I store DVDs, Cables and her food inside. Yes, Tulip is my four year old goldfish which I've never introduced. Comment below if you want a Tulip blogpost !

This is my desk. I used to do homework here last year, but because I'll be doing homework up around the house this year soo I moved my desk where I can watch films, etc. .
I also have a timetable and a notice / white board on the wall.

This is my door ! lololol awkward because I have two Christmas decorations on it hence the springy teddy and reindeer that you can forget about until December ! Concentrate on the awesome room sign my friend made me instead - The square laminated one on the right middle that is.

 This is where I leave some of my hair bobbins and ornaments. I also have my nail polish bag there whoop whoop !

 This is my dressing table !
It was such a mess before, but I tidied it up soo now I only have my vintage jewellary box, A jewellery holder, A lava lamp, My make-up in my make-up bag & then I've got cute ornaments on my wall beside it which I buy every Christmas. I left out some every day make-up I wear soo it's easier when I go back to school.

 This is my wall above my bed.
There's some random stuff & then a poster I made quoting everything from Your Grammar Sucks on YouTube ! 

 There's my Jedward autograph & photo beside my curtains.
I was really lucky to meet them in HMV two years ago !

 The last area in my room is my bed with some teddy bears on them and all.
My locker's beside that, but I have a bedside locker tour later on sometime.

And finally, My room when you walk in.

Sorry that my photo's weren't very clear.
Hope you enjoyed my room tour !

Grace x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Thank You's & Violent Ballet Nails

Hey everyone !
I've been really busy today more school shopping, Then I was with the rabbits & other things to do with Dainty Sprinkles, but I had to post this, because on Sunday I woke up to 51 followers.

At the start of summer in June, My blog was two months old & I said to myself "Wow. I'd really like to reach 50 followers before I go back to school in September" & it was like a little private goal of mine.
And omigod, Yes, Sunday morning & I wake up to 51 followers.
Thank you everyone who reads or follows my blog !

Now for my nails.
I had an injection on Friday like I said in my OOTW post & I was dead bored soo I painted my nails in an easy way where I wouldn't mess up.
I call it "Violent Ballet" because of the purple (Violet, Violent.) & the glitter with the two mixed together.
I used all Essence products for this.

1. Paint your nails with a glitter nail polish.
2. Paint a topcoat over.
3.Paint your tips using a violet nail polish.
4. Finally, Paint a top coat nail polish over to finish with a shine & prevent chipping.

Before I finish off, I forgot to say earlier, I know alot of people starting First Year tomorrow soo good luck if you're starting tomorrow, You'll be grand - I promise ! Also, Good luck if you're like me starting in a new school during the week after moving.

I hope you's enjoyed this tutorial & thanks again for reading.
Grace x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ten Pieces of First Year Advice !

Hi everyone !
As you can guess by the title, Today I'm going to be giving some First Year advice, because I have a good few readers going into First Year & I've gone through First Year myself.
This was ten pages long when I wrote it in my notebook soo I'm going to half to narrow it down to ten points !

Alot of First Years go back on Monday or Tuesday, but some of you's went back last week soo if this advice is a bit late for you, I'm really sorry & hopefully it might come in handy anyway.

If you don't live in Ireland, You're probably wondering when we start secondary school.
In Ireland, When you're 12 and a half - 13 years old you start First Year in secondary school.
This is equivalent to the Eighth Grade in High Schools in America & Australia or Year Nine in the UK.
But anyway, Here's just ten tips on helping you having an easy & stress-free First Year !

  • Buy A4 or A3 folders to put your textbooks, Hardbacks, etc. for each subject in. This makes it easier to get organised & you'll spend less time at the lockers. Alot of schools require a folder for each class.
  • Be sensible when it comes to school bags. Satchels may be cute, but this is secondary school in Ireland. We do ten subjects ! Make sure all your school stuff will fit in your school bag & have a spare on stand-by as some days you might need two school bags unless you like carrying books of course.
  • Wear your school skirt at an appropriate length. Some schools have rules in place for length of school skirts, but if your's keep in mind that wearing your school skirt just below your bum is not cool with your peers or teachers. Also if you're wearing make-up, Keep it natural as possible. It would be morto to be handed a baby wipe.
  • If you're lucky enough to be going to the same school as your friends, Arrange to meet them outside the building or walk there together to ease nerves.
  • On your first day, You'll have an assembly & then you'll meet your Class Tutor & the people in your Tutor Class. You'll be with these people in all of your mandatory classes, but if you don't know anyone in your classes, Don't worry. There's always space for new friends & you'll see your other friends at lunch.
  • During your first day, Your Class Tutor will hand out journals which you write down homework in obviously & get signed by teachers and parents. You might have a page to write down your class room numbers, Teachers' names, etc. if you do I'd suggest that you use it & also write down your teachers' room numbers on your timetable too. Don't worry ! You'll soon find your way around :)). 
  • Expect an hour to an hour and a half of homework in First Year depending on how many subjects you've had during the day. Also, Always do your homework on the night you get it ! If you have English on a Monday & don't have it again until Thursday, Do it on Monday night, Don't leave it until the last minute & never do your homework straight before class !
  • If you're in a school where you know nobody, I understand how it feels like - I didn't know anyone in my school last year ! Secondary schools encourage their First Year students especially to join extra curricular activities within the school soo be sure to join one that suits you. If you've got to know someone in class, Don't be afraid to ask them if you can sit with them at lunch, Don't be afraid to ask anyone in your year if you can sit with them at lunch !
  • If you are having troubles in class, Getting bullied or having problems learning a subject, Talk to someone. Talk to your parents, Class Tutor, Year Head or guidance counsiller. There's always someone.
  • Finally, Walk in with a positive attitude. It will make school life easier for you. Schools never been complete plain sailing for anyone. School hasn't always been plain sailing for me, but I always try to walk in with a positive mind, because then at-least I can say to myself I didn't think negative which dosen't make sense, but what I'm trying to say is think positive !
That's my ten tips for First Year.
I hope you all have a brilliant school year, Whether you're starting First Year or you've moved schools !
Grace x

Friday, 24 August 2012


Hi everyone !
Today I'm showing you's what I wore during the week.
There's no outfit for Friday which is today, because I just wore a tracksuit, because I was getting an injection         & I'm saying because alot soo lets see my outfits.


Today I'm wearing my brown leather bow hairband from Pulse, Sekonda watch, Pink handbag, Pink flower belt, Frilly coral t-shirt and leopard print leggings both from Penneys, Denim jacket and red leopard print doc boots both from Dunnes Stores.


On Monday, I wore my Pulse Accessories turquoise rose hairband, Penneys leopard print leggings, Sekonda watch and Turquoise belt, White tank top, Denim jacket, Red leopard print boots all from Dunnes Stores.

On Tuesday, I wore my frilly coral t-shirt from Penneys, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories & grey tracksuit which isn't into the photo.


Pink tank top from Dunnes Stores, Black necklace from Clare's Accessories, Foam punched out hearts, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories.


Wearing turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories, Denim rose ring from Dealz, Polka dot crop top from Bella Moda, Leopard print leggings from Penneys, Red leopard print boots & navy blue tank top both from Dunnes Stores.

Grace x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Back To School : School Supplies Haul

Hi everyone !
This is the third blogpost of my Back To School series & it's basically just things I've got for the school year.
The photo's below weren't taken in just one day, They were taken over two - three weeks soo that's why I'm in different ouftits & the lighting's shit.

Sticky notes from Tesco ~ price unknown
I got these stickies in Tesco last year. I didn't use them during the year, but I'm going to this year to mark my books, etc. .
2012/13 study journal from Tesco ~ €4
I'll obviously have my homework journal given to me by my school during the year, but I use this extra journal for studying & reminders. I got this last year (The one on the left.) & there's space for addresses, Personal information & more.
This year, There was a smaller version of this journal also being sold in Tesco for €3, but I find the larger alternative handier as it has more space.

Set of Four Highlighters from Tesco ~  €2
I use highlighters in school alot, because I think it looks neater that underlining with red pen.
I find that larger highlighters don't go out of ink as soon as smaller highlighters do soo these highlighters will hopefully last me atleast half the year.
Study Cards from Tesco ! ~ I think they were €2 
Study cards are really useful when it comes up to exams or even little tests.
I didn't use study cards last year, but I want to get better grades than my summer exams this year soo study hands will definitely come in handy !
Supreme Stationary Eraser ~ 75c I think
I love erasers that can erase both pencil & pen. In primary school we used to call them "magic rubbers" hahh.
This eraser can erase pencil & pen which is brilliant although I'm very iffy when it comes to using eraser to erase pen. Using anything to erase pen can get messy & teachers ... They don't like messy hardbacks.

 And now for my school bag !
Yes, I buy from the same place every time I get a school bag, Whatever it says on that school bag there.
My eyesight's very good soo I can see in the photo that my school bag was €34, It has padding on the back which is handy seeing as I've got a bad back & there's a pocket for your mobile phone & a rain cover.
If you live in Ireland, You'll know that you need a fairly big school bag for secondary school maybe even a second school bag some days, A satchel won't do it. If you're buying a school bag make sure your books will actually fit into it.

That's all from my back to school haul.
My next back to school blogpost will be First Year advice which will be up over the weekend.
After that I'll have one more suprise before my First Week Of School blogpost soo make sure you keep reading to find out !
Grace x