Thursday, 9 August 2012

Back To School : 5 Simple Unique Hairstyles Diary

Hi everyone !
It's almost mid August soo we'll be going back to school in another few weeks & Omigod I'm really excited, because today I am posting the first of my five Back To School blogposts for this September & I'm telling you the truth here - I've been waiting almost two weeks to post this which is mad, but true, because I was like "Is it too early is it too early ?", but yea, Today I'm posting the first of five back to school posts like I said & basically I'm going to show you's five simple, but unique hairstyles.
All equipment used in these tutorial diaries are simple everyday items, There's no equipment that you need to invest in as I mainly just use hair grips, hair bobbins, etc. .
All five have a bit of a twist one way or another, because I feel that it's really important to stand out a bit in school, because you're in a swarm of uniforms that are exactly the same, You can't wear flamboyant jewellery or make-up, because that's like breaking the rules soo I always make sure my hairstyle stands out from the crowd without standing out too much from the crowd to look different which really dosen't make sense soo I'm just gonna show you the hairstyles now before I ramble on even more !


This look is really handy if you've just washed your hair & you're in a rush.
1. Use your hands to untangle your hair, Don't brush as this will make your hair frizzy.
2. Using hair grips, Butterfly clips, etc. pin your hair up to create waves. If you have hot rollers you can use them instead of clips.
3. Leave these in for over an hour. Undo the pins & finish with a cute hairband. These waves are sort of temporary unless you use rollers soo bring a hair bobbin with you to tie your hair when it becomes flat.


 I love this hairdo, because it's really easy to do & sleek. I love "leave-in overnight" hairdo's & please excuse the second photo - The faces I'm making ! I only just got up & had grumbled over to find my camera !
1. Pin the front of your hair using again hair clips that are easy to sleep with or foam rollers widely known as sleep in rollers. Leave in overnight.
2. When you wake up, Take your clips out & ruffle your hair.
3. Pull back the hair you didn't pin up into a bun or a ponytail.
4. Clip back any misbehaving hair using hair clips.

One Sided Pony

This look is easily achievable & soo easy you could do it in the car or the bus !
1. Pull  the majority of your front hair on the left over to right.
2. Smooth out & pull into a side ponytail.
3. Finish with a hair band or accessory.


 This look is simple, Pretty, but edgy & really fun to experiment with.
1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail.
2. Wrap your hair around the hair bobbin securing the ponytail & tie into a bun.
3. Clip back misbehaving hair & finish with a pretty, but edgy hairband or accessory.


This is simular to the "half up-half down do" that makes you look like a four year old, but I've given it a retro twist.
1. Pull back your front hair & secure into a mini bun with a hair bobbin & giant clip.
2. Pull the hair left down around to your shoulders, Brush & finish with a pretty hairband.


Plaits are absouloutly brilliant, because they stay up all day & look pretty.
And remember, There's still a risk of nits / head lice in secondary school & nits will reduce you chances of catching them.
Here's some plaits I've worn.

Thanks for reading & I hope these help you when choosing hairstyles for the new school year !
Grace x


  1. Love the hairstyles! The side pony has to be my favourite - it looks super cute on you! I have also voted for you in the livi awards! Hope you win :)



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