Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back To School : School Appropriate Make-Up 101

Hi everyone !
Soo this is my second blogpost in my "Back To School" series this year & this blogpost is basically about wearing make-up to school & some photo's of make-up simular to what I'd wear to school that I wore to summer camp last week as an experiment.
First, I'm just going to tell you's about the five blogposts in this series !

1. Hairstyles : Click here to see the blogpost I did on unique pretty hairstyles for back to school !
2. Make-Up : You are here ! I'm going to show you what make-up you can get away with wearing & what's enough & what's too much.
3. School Supplies : Mini haul of my school supplies & what's in my pencil case this year !
4. First Year Advice : I've a good few readers going into First Year soo as I've gone through First Year, I'm going to write a blogpost on advice for incoming First Years ! Promise I won't call you's Firsties !
5. First Week Experience : Soo I've moved schools & I'm starting there in two weeks time as a Second Year student. I've alot of friends who already go there. I've decided that when I start I'm going to do a blogpost on my first week's experience, etc. that week.

I'm going to get on with this make-up post now - Can't ramble forever !
Ok, First I'm going to talk about what type of make-up I'd suggest wearing for school.
I always go along with the theory that your make-up should be even which then looks natural, Even if you're wearing the slightest of make-up & remember always apply moisturiser before applying make-up.
Here's my suggestions for wearing make-up to school !

Concealer, Powder, etc. ~ Concealer, Foundation & powder can be a nuisance, because they always seem to be one shade darker than your face ! Only apply concealer to under your eyes, Blemishes or wherever you might need it, because you'll probably be wearing foundation or powder ontop of that & you don't want your make-up to be heavy at all. Also, If you're applying foundation or powder make sure you apply it cheeks, Forehead & all, because you don't want to look patchy ... Just saying.
Eyes : I usually wear concealer on my eyelids as it evens out with the rest of your face, but if you have time a neutral palette can look pretty. I also don't get the big deal about wearing brown mascara to school. Sorry, but seriously - When was the last time you saw someone with natural really long & thick brown eye lashes ? It just dosen't look natural & I think a black multi action mascara you can use all year around is much more convenient & easier. If you can perfect a subtle black eyeliner that looks really pretty too.
Lips : If you're wearing any lip product to school, I'd suggest wearing a lip stain maybe, because they pretty much stay on for most of the day & if it's in a natural looking shade you won't get caught !
School Make-Up Disasters : Hmm, Well orange foundation or heavy make-up full stop dosen't look good school or no school. Heavy black eye pencil or eyeliner is just a no-no for school. Lipstick, Heavy brows, Blusher, Flamboyant eyeshadow, You get what I'm saying - They're just not appropriate for school & your teachers won't like it & all.

( Clockwise from Essence Tint It !) Essence Tint It lipgloss in Turn To Crazy, Essence Quattro palette,  Essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes mascara, 17 Hide Away concealer in Fair, No7 Creme Touch compact powder in Translucent, Essence Metallic eye pencil.

This above is just a look I wore today that would be pretty appropriate for school.
It's basically just some concealer on my nose and under my eyes, Dusting of light powder, Metallic white eye pencil, A layer of mascara & some lipstain gloss.
I'm definitely going to wear something like this in September as it's light, but natural look.
Thanks for reading everyone & I hope this helps when it comes to wearing make-up to school this year !
Grace x


  1. Love the post! I think your Back to School series is fab! Really inspired me! I've done a few... but would you mind if I did the First Week Experience? Although I'm at the same school I'm 15 so I'm going into 'senior school' (same school but different uniform, timetable, classes, even friends possibly) and I think it might work for me! Would you mind? It's a great idea! Niamh x


    1. Thank you ! I don't mind, Tons of people do the First Week Experience - Good luck in Senior School :)) xx


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