Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Back To School : School Supplies Haul

Hi everyone !
This is the third blogpost of my Back To School series & it's basically just things I've got for the school year.
The photo's below weren't taken in just one day, They were taken over two - three weeks soo that's why I'm in different ouftits & the lighting's shit.

Sticky notes from Tesco ~ price unknown
I got these stickies in Tesco last year. I didn't use them during the year, but I'm going to this year to mark my books, etc. .
2012/13 study journal from Tesco ~ €4
I'll obviously have my homework journal given to me by my school during the year, but I use this extra journal for studying & reminders. I got this last year (The one on the left.) & there's space for addresses, Personal information & more.
This year, There was a smaller version of this journal also being sold in Tesco for €3, but I find the larger alternative handier as it has more space.

Set of Four Highlighters from Tesco ~  €2
I use highlighters in school alot, because I think it looks neater that underlining with red pen.
I find that larger highlighters don't go out of ink as soon as smaller highlighters do soo these highlighters will hopefully last me atleast half the year.
Study Cards from Tesco ! ~ I think they were €2 
Study cards are really useful when it comes up to exams or even little tests.
I didn't use study cards last year, but I want to get better grades than my summer exams this year soo study hands will definitely come in handy !
Supreme Stationary Eraser ~ 75c I think
I love erasers that can erase both pencil & pen. In primary school we used to call them "magic rubbers" hahh.
This eraser can erase pencil & pen which is brilliant although I'm very iffy when it comes to using eraser to erase pen. Using anything to erase pen can get messy & teachers ... They don't like messy hardbacks.

 And now for my school bag !
Yes, I buy from the same place every time I get a school bag, Whatever it says on that school bag there.
My eyesight's very good soo I can see in the photo that my school bag was €34, It has padding on the back which is handy seeing as I've got a bad back & there's a pocket for your mobile phone & a rain cover.
If you live in Ireland, You'll know that you need a fairly big school bag for secondary school maybe even a second school bag some days, A satchel won't do it. If you're buying a school bag make sure your books will actually fit into it.

That's all from my back to school haul.
My next back to school blogpost will be First Year advice which will be up over the weekend.
After that I'll have one more suprise before my First Week Of School blogpost soo make sure you keep reading to find out !
Grace x


  1. Cute post and nice blog

  2. Love the post following back!!

  3. Love this post! Love your Back to School posts actually :) And I don't know, I think a satchel would do but it's just you get a lot of work in first year.. im sure second year will be easier! You kind of realise the things you actually need, know what I mean? Anyway, love your stationary :)
    Niamh x

    1. Thanks :)) My new school has alot more hardbacks, Books & all soo I suppose I'll need the space hahh xx

  4. I'm loving all this back to school stuff. you're cool.


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