Monday, 6 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog

Hi everyone !
I haven't been blogging all weekend, because where I live we have music playing & exhibitions, etc. on over the August bank holiday weekend every year soo I've been really busy all weekend.
I met some new really sound people & catched up with some friends I haven't seen in a while & I'll definitely have loads of memories.
There was also a fair or a carnival whatever you call it this year soo I decided to defeat my fears by going on a waltzer in the lashing rain in my friend and as a result got soaked !
My Mam plaited my hair for me which was brilliant, because in true Irish style it had to rain this weekend & my plaits lasted rain, Wind & sun.
I also planned out my outfits & make-up, My tights & doc boots were suitable for this August weather & my lipstain ensured that I only had to re apply lipbalm to prevent my lips from becoming chapped & even more discoloured !

Wearing : Bella Moda polka dot crop top, H&M jersey dress, Tesco ladder-resistant tights, Dunnes Stores red leopard print doc boots, Pulse Accessories turquoise rose hairband & Sekonda watch.
Make-Up : Clinique Almost Powder, 17 Hide Away concealer, Essence eyeshadow in Disco Diva, Essence Colour Changing Lipstain Gloss, Essence Multi Action Mascara, Collection 2000 Intense Colour Eye Pencil.

Wearing : Penneys Sloganed Jumper, H&M floral playsuit, Tesco ladder-resistant tights, Red leopard print doc boots & champagne coloured hair accessory both Dunnes Stores, Sekonda watch.
Make-Up : Clinique Almost Powder, 17 Hide Away Concealer, Collection 2000 Intense Colour eye pencil, Metallic eyeshadow in Disco Diva, Quattro palette in Party Animal, Multi Action mascara, Colour Changing Lipstain gloss all Essence.


 1. Essence counter in the counter. Half price on half their stalk & Snow White collection ? I love !
2. Blueberry the bear ! My friend won it in Hook A Duck & gave it to me !
3. My White Buttons & Magic Stars on Saturday night <3 I was stuffed by the end of the night !
4. My cherry cola mega lolly pop nom nom nom nom. Because of this, I had to watch my friends go on the Waltzers & Freak Out on Saturday evening. I couldn't go on something with a lolly pop.
5. Freak Out ! Two of my friends went on this - One of them thought it only spun round & round on the ground like Waltzers ! I'd rather go on American Roadtrip than Freak Out if you ask me !
7. My YOLO & Cherry Cola bracelets I made.
8. Maud's Strawberry & Cream ice-cream in a tub ! I don't think I've ever eaten soo much crap food.
9. Me & my friends shared a bag of chips for tea. One of my friends kindly bought us Oreo milkshakes !
7. Was soo soaked, I had to change. 
10. Took my plaits from yesterday out a few minutes ago. My hair is soo wavy ! Woww !

Grace x


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