Thursday, 2 August 2012

REQUEST : Lady Gaga & Katy Perry Music Video Make-Up

Hi everyone !
A friend of mine suggested that I do a blogpost on make-up from music video's soo today I'm going to show you how to do make-up simular to Lady Gaga's in bits of Telephone & Katy Perry's in California Girls.

First up, Lady Gaga ! I know that in most of Telephone she is wearing navy eyeshadow, but in bits of the video she is wearing a liome or yellow eyeshadow too.

 I'm using : Essence Quattro palette in Party Animal, Collection 2000 Intense Colour eye pencil, Multi Action Smokey Eyes mascara, Lipstick free in magazine.

 1. Using a brush, Apply a light layer of powder & a bit of concealer. Brush over your eyebrows with the brush to keep them in place.
2. Apply a line of blue eye pencil under your eyes & some yellow eyeshadow on your eyelids.
3. Now apply lime green eyeshadow on the crease & blend the two together on the crease.
4.To finish the look, Apply two layers of mascara & some bright lipstick or lipgloss.

I'm now going to show you a look simular to Katy Perry's in California Girls.
Please excuse my eyes ! I did this look straight after the Lady Gaga one & I couldn't remove all the eye pencil & the mascara smudged under my eyelids !

I'm using : Essence Quattro Palette in Party Animal, Essence Colour Changing lipgloss, Essence Metallic Effect eyeshadow in Disco Diva, Essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes mascara.

1. Apply a purple eyeshadow that suits you over your eye lids, When your finished this apply a layer of mascara.
2. When your mascara is almost dry, Apply a layer of bright eyeshadow to your lashes for a quirky twist.
3. Finally, Apply some pink lipgloss to your lips. 

 < working on the look > 

Finished Look !

Hope you enjoy this tutorial & have a great weekend !

Grace x


  1. I love the Katy Perry look!!

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