Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Room Tour !

Hi everyone !

On Sunday, I tidied my room, "Spring Clean" & all that.
I moved around my desk & a few other thing soo it's pretty neat !
Alot of Youtubers & Bloggers are doing Room Tours and I thought I'd do one !

Also, I'm trying to make a Dainty Sprinkles Life section to my blog, but the photo won't upload, That's why the "Click Here" photo that I edited (My photo editor is also messing up, Grr.) is above as I can link it up instead.

This book shelf is where I store all my books & magazines, I have jewellery, Hair products & a defuser on top.
Beside my book shelf is my beenbag pouffe - You've probably seen this before when I was watching films with the rabbits !

 I have a little storage space, Shelf thingy which I've moved right beside my bed soo I can feed Tulip without getting out of bed ! Tulip & her tank is on top and I store DVDs, Cables and her food inside. Yes, Tulip is my four year old goldfish which I've never introduced. Comment below if you want a Tulip blogpost !

This is my desk. I used to do homework here last year, but because I'll be doing homework up around the house this year soo I moved my desk where I can watch films, etc. .
I also have a timetable and a notice / white board on the wall.

This is my door ! lololol awkward because I have two Christmas decorations on it hence the springy teddy and reindeer that you can forget about until December ! Concentrate on the awesome room sign my friend made me instead - The square laminated one on the right middle that is.

 This is where I leave some of my hair bobbins and ornaments. I also have my nail polish bag there whoop whoop !

 This is my dressing table !
It was such a mess before, but I tidied it up soo now I only have my vintage jewellary box, A jewellery holder, A lava lamp, My make-up in my make-up bag & then I've got cute ornaments on my wall beside it which I buy every Christmas. I left out some every day make-up I wear soo it's easier when I go back to school.

 This is my wall above my bed.
There's some random stuff & then a poster I made quoting everything from Your Grammar Sucks on YouTube ! 

 There's my Jedward autograph & photo beside my curtains.
I was really lucky to meet them in HMV two years ago !

 The last area in my room is my bed with some teddy bears on them and all.
My locker's beside that, but I have a bedside locker tour later on sometime.

And finally, My room when you walk in.

Sorry that my photo's weren't very clear.
Hope you enjoyed my room tour !

Grace x


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