Friday, 24 August 2012


Hi everyone !
Today I'm showing you's what I wore during the week.
There's no outfit for Friday which is today, because I just wore a tracksuit, because I was getting an injection         & I'm saying because alot soo lets see my outfits.


Today I'm wearing my brown leather bow hairband from Pulse, Sekonda watch, Pink handbag, Pink flower belt, Frilly coral t-shirt and leopard print leggings both from Penneys, Denim jacket and red leopard print doc boots both from Dunnes Stores.


On Monday, I wore my Pulse Accessories turquoise rose hairband, Penneys leopard print leggings, Sekonda watch and Turquoise belt, White tank top, Denim jacket, Red leopard print boots all from Dunnes Stores.

On Tuesday, I wore my frilly coral t-shirt from Penneys, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories & grey tracksuit which isn't into the photo.


Pink tank top from Dunnes Stores, Black necklace from Clare's Accessories, Foam punched out hearts, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories.


Wearing turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories, Denim rose ring from Dealz, Polka dot crop top from Bella Moda, Leopard print leggings from Penneys, Red leopard print boots & navy blue tank top both from Dunnes Stores.

Grace x


  1. Thank you so much for the follow,dear.<3
    Follow you back on gfc.
    Have a nice weekend.;-)


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