Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ten Pieces of First Year Advice !

Hi everyone !
As you can guess by the title, Today I'm going to be giving some First Year advice, because I have a good few readers going into First Year & I've gone through First Year myself.
This was ten pages long when I wrote it in my notebook soo I'm going to half to narrow it down to ten points !

Alot of First Years go back on Monday or Tuesday, but some of you's went back last week soo if this advice is a bit late for you, I'm really sorry & hopefully it might come in handy anyway.

If you don't live in Ireland, You're probably wondering when we start secondary school.
In Ireland, When you're 12 and a half - 13 years old you start First Year in secondary school.
This is equivalent to the Eighth Grade in High Schools in America & Australia or Year Nine in the UK.
But anyway, Here's just ten tips on helping you having an easy & stress-free First Year !

  • Buy A4 or A3 folders to put your textbooks, Hardbacks, etc. for each subject in. This makes it easier to get organised & you'll spend less time at the lockers. Alot of schools require a folder for each class.
  • Be sensible when it comes to school bags. Satchels may be cute, but this is secondary school in Ireland. We do ten subjects ! Make sure all your school stuff will fit in your school bag & have a spare on stand-by as some days you might need two school bags unless you like carrying books of course.
  • Wear your school skirt at an appropriate length. Some schools have rules in place for length of school skirts, but if your's keep in mind that wearing your school skirt just below your bum is not cool with your peers or teachers. Also if you're wearing make-up, Keep it natural as possible. It would be morto to be handed a baby wipe.
  • If you're lucky enough to be going to the same school as your friends, Arrange to meet them outside the building or walk there together to ease nerves.
  • On your first day, You'll have an assembly & then you'll meet your Class Tutor & the people in your Tutor Class. You'll be with these people in all of your mandatory classes, but if you don't know anyone in your classes, Don't worry. There's always space for new friends & you'll see your other friends at lunch.
  • During your first day, Your Class Tutor will hand out journals which you write down homework in obviously & get signed by teachers and parents. You might have a page to write down your class room numbers, Teachers' names, etc. if you do I'd suggest that you use it & also write down your teachers' room numbers on your timetable too. Don't worry ! You'll soon find your way around :)). 
  • Expect an hour to an hour and a half of homework in First Year depending on how many subjects you've had during the day. Also, Always do your homework on the night you get it ! If you have English on a Monday & don't have it again until Thursday, Do it on Monday night, Don't leave it until the last minute & never do your homework straight before class !
  • If you're in a school where you know nobody, I understand how it feels like - I didn't know anyone in my school last year ! Secondary schools encourage their First Year students especially to join extra curricular activities within the school soo be sure to join one that suits you. If you've got to know someone in class, Don't be afraid to ask them if you can sit with them at lunch, Don't be afraid to ask anyone in your year if you can sit with them at lunch !
  • If you are having troubles in class, Getting bullied or having problems learning a subject, Talk to someone. Talk to your parents, Class Tutor, Year Head or guidance counsiller. There's always someone.
  • Finally, Walk in with a positive attitude. It will make school life easier for you. Schools never been complete plain sailing for anyone. School hasn't always been plain sailing for me, but I always try to walk in with a positive mind, because then at-least I can say to myself I didn't think negative which dosen't make sense, but what I'm trying to say is think positive !
That's my ten tips for First Year.
I hope you all have a brilliant school year, Whether you're starting First Year or you've moved schools !
Grace x


  1. Thanks for the great advice! I will be in 8th grade but that means I'll be the oldest grade in school, so it's not me that needs the advice >:D haha.

    Dang. I need to cut back on the sugar.

    well good luck this year!

    1. hahh ;D Thank you ! Good luck to you too in your final year of middle school ! Grace x

  2. Cool blog dear. I'm following your blog. I feature other bloggers who have great style. Hope you check out my blog too and follow me back if you want. :)

    -- M.

    1. Thank you for following my blog ! I'll check out your blog & follow back xx :))


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