Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Versatile Blog Award Tag

Hi everyone !

There's a tag going around called "Versatile Blog Award" I don't think it's really an award, but it's alot of fun to find new bloggers, etc. & Bee from Opposite of Style tagged me thank you Bee !
All you have to do is tell 7 random facts about yourself & then pass the compliment on by tagging a few more people.

Here's my random facts !

1. I'm addicted to noodles !
2. I never buy Rimmel, because they test on animals - poor animals :((.
2. I prefer fish to meat.
3. I like have to have something to fiddle in my pencil-case at school !
4. The only purple eyeshadow that looks decent on me is Essence eyeshadow in Disco Diva.
5. I hate skinny jeans, because they never fit me & they feel all icky & tight.
6. My hair always goes frizzy & flat.
7. I have a weird obsession with jumping off logs.

These are the bloggers I've tagged !
Meghan of Mainly Meghan

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