Saturday, 11 August 2012

Week of Summer Camp Blog

Hi everyone !
I was at summer camp this week at the performing arts place I go to on a Saturday & it was a pretty exciting week for me, I've been like over the moon all week !
Soo here's my outfits & some others from during the week !
Tuesday's outfit
Wednesday's make-up & outfit
 Thursday's make-up & some of my outfit

Friday's make-up & some of my outfit
Today which is Saturday's make-up & outfit taken on my mobile phone, Camera battery dead.

1. Popcorn with friends watching film.
2. Outfit out for the next day.
3. Wild Chick was only €3.99 in Lidls - Bargain !
4. Aww, How cute is my cousin's dog ?! He loves Kit-Kats at our picnic !
5. Plum posed for a photo aww !

 6. Mam bought me forest fruits sorbet. I love them both !
7. Katie Taylor winning her gold medal in the Women's Boxing. Proud to be Irish & a woman !

Grace x


  1. lovely outfit. ooh wild child and popcorn=heaven <3 following your blog, maybe you could check out ours?x

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog- It means a lot :) Btw.. Your bunny is so cute!!

    1. No problem ! And thanks everyone seems to compliment my rabbits hahh :P :))

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