Saturday, 29 September 2012

Autumn / Winter Outfits

Hi everyone !
You's might have noticed that it's been three weeks since I've done an outfit of the day & that is because the weathers been acting all wintery and october-y soo I decided to do an Autumn & Winter outfit post !

My first outfit I'd say is a bit girly, but my intentions were for it to be like gingerbread man, Cupcakes & all that, but I'm not sure how that turned out !
~ Jumper from F&F @ Tesco
~ Leggings from Penneys
~ Shoestring top from Dunnes Stores underneath jumper
~ Floral boots from Dunnes Stores
~ Champagne coloured flower clip from Dunnes Stores
~ Essence Colour & Go nail polish

 My second outfit is a bit less laid back, but at the same time I don't think it's too dressy or anything.
~ Jumper from Penneys
~ Floral jumpsuit worn underneath from H&M
~ Red hat from Dunnes Stores
~ Red leopard print boots from Dunnes Stores
~ Tights from F&F @ Tesco
~ Handbag used to be my Mam soo you'd have to ask her !

 My third outfit is pretty wintery, because I wore it during the evening last Sunday when we were working on the rabbits' autumn photoshoot !
~ Denim jacket from Dunnes Stores
~ Red top, Leggings are both from Penneys
~  Floral boots, Red hat both from Dunnes Stores
~  Scarf  and socks worn underneath boots from Penneys

 My last outfit, I wore yesterday & I'm really sorry the photos' aren't great, because just as I took the photo of my outfit my friend arrived & I'd only just got dressed and I forgot to take a photo of my hat soo I took a photo when I got home yesterday evening.
My outfit has a bit of ladylikeness in it, but it has winter colours in it mainly !
~ White cardigan worn back to front
~ Purple leopard print shorts from Penneys
~ Navy tank top, Burgandy hat both from Dunnes Stores
~ Tights from F&F @ Tesco
~ Turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories
~ Floral boots from Dunnes Stores
~ Necklace from Penneys.

They're my autumn & winter outfits, I hope you like them :)).
I'm off to do some tutorials for Hallowe'en make-up yayy - Keep an eye out for the rabbits' autumn photoshoot being uploaded soon !

Grace x


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Accessories of the Week #3

Hey everyone !
This is my third accessories of the week, Yes my third - Where's the weeks gone ?
Here they are !


 My make-up is natural everyday make-up.
My hair's in a side ponytail with my brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories.
My nails are Essence Colour & Go in this glittery burgundy colour I forget it's name.
I'm wearing a mood ring which changes colour in sunlight, Darkness, etc. - Me & my friend were obsessed with it, We kept moving it in Religion to change it's colour !

My make-up is the same as Monday.
My hair's down straight with a black flower clip from Dunnes Stores.
My nails are the same as Monday.
I've P.E first thing on Tuesday soo I just wear in my gear to save time.
I also brought in Impulse Into Glamour body spray for P.E & all.

On Wednesday, I wore my hair down straight & I braided my side fringe thingy back, because it always annoys me & I clipped it back with a clip from the pharmacy and then I'm also wearing a champagne coloured flower clip.

On Thursday, I wore my hair in a ponytail & braided my side fringe thingy back again with a Claires Accessories clip.
It's not in this photo, but I also wore my feathered & jeweled hairband that I bought in Dunnes Stores.

On Friday, I wore my hair down in ringlets with my turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories.
I had to plait my hair in six plaits the night before to get it all curly and in ringlets - I looked like some Aztec or Inca out of my history book !
My nails are Essence Colour & Go in two orange and pink shades which I once again can't remember the names of the shades !
Also, Look at my little art masterpiece that I drew on my hand in Gaeilge - The delights that come from boredom !

They're my accessories this week & I hope you enjoyed reading this.
I think I might take a break from doing them next week & see what happens, because alot of them are all the same - Comment below and tell me whether you's think I should continue them or not !

Grace x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Favourite Autumn / Winter Accessories

Hi everyone !
Today I'm showing yous my favourite accessories to wear in the harsh winter as you can tell by the title !
I look like I've a cold nose in the first photo even though I took the photo's in August ... When it was fairly warm.

Scarfs - Scarves are a must have for winter weather and alot people wear them all year around which defeats the purpose I guess, but my point is that scarves come in all different styles and look really cool !
My Mam knitted the first one below which is super cool and cosy when it comes to winter, The second one in got in Penneys, The third from Dunnes Stores & the fourth could be from Dunnes too.

Gloves - I only wear gloves in the morning during the winter, because my hands are always freezing during the winter mornings & then my hands go all frosty. Highlight the fact that I never wear the neon striped glove fashion that was in a year ago !!!! The gloves below I think were from Dunnes Stores - I've a rare idea !

Hats - I love winter hats ! It's the 22nd of September & I'm wearing my red one right now ! The only annoying thing is that I have to take my hair accessories off when I've a hat on ! My favourite type of winter hats are beany style hats & hats with the plaits ! The purple & red hats below are from Dunnes Stores & the hat with the plait is from Penneys.

They're my favourite accessories for autumn & winter - Thanks for reading !
Grace x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Strobe Lighted Zoo's

Hi everyone !
This is the outift I wore on Sunday to a pantomine audition where I live !
I also did a getting ready thing like the one I did on my first day back at school, but I'll put that up at the end of the week.

Wearing : Yellow tee and leopard print leggings both Penneys, Purple hoodie and red leopard print boots both Dunnes Stores, Turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories, Old plastic purple ring.

Hair in a side plait.
Nails Essence Multi Dimensional nail polish & French manicure nail polish.
Make-up is natural as always.

Grace x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Too Old For The Playground

Hey everyone !
This is the outfit I wore yesterday & I hope you like it !

Wearing : Penneys Basics red tee, Underneath is Dunnes Stores vest top, H&M purple leopard print shorts, Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories, Tesco tights, Penneys I think pink and brown necklace, Old green ring.

Hair worn in two buns.
Nails are Essence Multi Dimensional coral orange nail polish, Essence French manicure nail polish.

Look - It's neat and tidy gel eyeliner !
I'm using Essence's long lasting gel eyeliner in 03 Berlin Rocks and omigodd !
As some of you's know I have Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia soo getting a straight neat gel eyeliner line is like really hard !
It's took like five cotton buds with make-up remover and about fifteen minutes of concentration to get it right & I'm still soo happy yee-heeee !

lololol I'll be on later !
Grace x